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Welcome to the Top Ten Poker Sites website, I have spent many months putting together this website, and whilst I will be showcasing you to some of the very best poker sites at which you can play at, I have also compiled numerous articles and poker related guides that you are bound to find of great interest too!It doesn’t matter where you choose to play poker these days; you are always going to come across plenty of poker rooms, poker sites and can now even play poker on any type of mobile device via one of the brand new poker apps.However, there is something of a very fine art to playing poker optimally and strategically, and as such you do need to fully understand the game play rules and the very best strategy to adopt in regards to the variant you are playing, or your bankroll will not last you very long.With all of the above in mind I cordially invite you to take a good look around this website and make use of as many guides and articles as you require, for by doing so there in no doubt in my mind that you will become a much better player!There are hundreds of online poker sites available on the internet, each offering Texas Holdem poker in both no-limit and limit varieties, what’s more important however is that each of these poker sites also offers something the other’s don’t. It could be a particularly appealing bonus offer, it might be specialty games. A player might be specifically looking for poker sites that are compatible with PokerTracker or Poker Stove, or a site that offers specific tools, and statistics during game-play.

Recommended Licensed and Legal US Poker sites

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  • All players can play for free or for real money
  • Multiple poker game variants now available

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  • Pot limit games available
  • All poker bonuses come with fair terms and conditions

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  • Plenty of pot-limit games
  • All bonuses completely optional

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  • Small stake poker games available
  • Some of the highest guaranteed poker tournaments

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  • Low limit games offered 24/7
  • Easy to understand poker bonus offers

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  • Lots of open free play poker tables
  • Play all of your favourite poker game variants

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  • Massive bad beat jackpots available
  • Play free or real money Texas Hold’em games

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  • Bad beat jackpots offered
  • Play all types of Texas Hold’em games

Top Ten Poker Sites Reviews

Top Ten Poker Sites provides extensive poker reviews offer players insight into each poker site’s software, their deposit bonus offers, and the tools available on the sites. We’ve been working within the online poker industry for more than 10 years, and we’re poker players, so we know what a poker player needs from their online poker room, no matter what level in the game their playing at. That means that whether you’re a freeroller, a hobbyist player, a rake generator, or a high stakes mega personality, we know what site’s there are out there for you. We know their histories, and have tested their customer service department.We know how they handle incidents of collusion, and whether or not they’re a seemingly stable online poker site worthy of the trust you instill in them when you make a real money deposit into your poker account.

Choosing a Poker Game Variant to Play

One aspect that I have covered throughout this website is the range of different poker game variants that are going to become available to you online.I would however point out that you are going to find some quite unique poker game variants on offer, other than just the standard and most widely player game, that of course being Texas Hold’em Poker, and as such do consider giving some of those other variants a try.One aspect of playing online that should appeal to you greatly, if you do fancy playing a few other variants, is that you are going to have the option of playing them for free initially, and by you doing just that you are not going to have to spend any of your poker playing bankroll trying out new variants if you do go on to find you don’t enjoy playing them.Some other popular poker game variants that I do know are popular with players include both the Omaha game and the Omaha Hi Low variant, the latter does of course have two pots that can be won per game, one awarded to the highest valued hand and the other pots goes to the lowest valued hand.Razz Poker is a fairly recent addition to many poker sites game suites as too is the intriguing variant known as H.O.R.S.E Poker, but you really are going to have to learn to play them strategically if you are to have any luck at the poker tables!

Where to Play Poker

As you not only take a look around this website, but when doing research online, you are going to come across no shortages of poker sites, all of which are going to be very eager to get you to sign up as a new player and get stuck into playing their respective poker games.One of the mistakes that first time and completely novice online poker players will make is that they will simply sign up to the very first poker site that they come across.That can often be a time consuming and in some cases a very expensive mistake to make, for as will become abundantly clear as you do set about trying out different poker sites, is that no two of them are going to be offering you the exact same things,You will need to find one that uses a poker software platform that you find appealing and easy to use, and there will of course be all manner of different poker games and poker tournaments available at each site too.So with that in mind, please do spend as much time as you need and require comparing the unique features and also the benefits on offer to you at a range of different poker sites, as by doing so you will find one that suits you, your bankroll and your playing style perfectly, I am more than confident of that!

Understanding Poker Site Bonuses

The lure of a huge sign up welcome type of bonus is often going to force your hand when you are considering signing up to a new poker site that you have only just come bonusBut at the end of the day the only realistic way that you are going to be able to determine if a poker bonus truly is going to be worth claiming is by spending a lot of time going through the terms and conditions of each and every single poker site bonus that has caught your eye and your attention too!Unlike when you claim for example deposit match bonuses at some online casino sites, when you come across similar styled bonuses that are on offer at online or mobile poker sites, you often have to achieve the play through requirements with your own deposited funds.Once you do so your bonus credits are then added into your poker site account, so even if you do see a very high valued deposit match bonus for example do keep that in mind, as you may have to spend a small fortune playing initially with your own money before the bonus credits finally hit your account.However, what I have done to make picking out a poker site that does have a generous and well designed poker bonus up for grabs, is to list around this site a range of poker sites and poker apps that have some of the most generous of sign up welcome bonuses, and sites that can always be relied on to give you access to plenty of ongoing bonus too!

Different Poker Networks

Let me now move onto the subject of poker site networks, for what you are going to very quickly discover when you set about playing poker online or even when using a mobile poker app, is that many of them are linked up to one network that many other sites and apps networksWhat I think you do need to be aware of when you do find any number of different poker sites that are using the exact same poker network is that you are going to find each site can and often will offer their own unique set of promotional offers to their players, and will also have their own unique poker rewards scheme in place too.So whilst the software and games and even the poker tournaments can be and will be the same at different poker sites that are using the exact same poker network, there can be plenty of additional benefits of choosing just which of them you sign up to and play at.You will however be playing against players across a poker network, which means if you are logged into one poker site on the same network as another one, the players you will be playing against could be a member of a different site but one that uses the exact same poker network!

Online Poker Site Software

The type and range of poker site software platforms you are going to come across is quite large these days, for whilst many poker sites tend to use a software platform from one of the major suppliers, some poker sites will use their own unique proprietary software.It is going to be a case however of trial and error, for whilst some players are going to enjoy using one particular software platform, some other players may enjoy using another one!It will also be necessary for you to decide whether you are going to be best suited to using a fully downloadable poker site software platform, or whether you will be better off using and playing via no download type of poker software platform.There is no real way of knowing in advance just which one you are going to enjoy and prefer using, so when you are first starting out as an online poker player, I would suggest you try out both types of software platform, as you will then be able to make an informed decision as to just which one suits you the best!

Best Poker Site Apps

You are not only going to be restricted to playing poker online via a home computer or laptop, for you are of course going to have the ability and choice of downloading a poker site app onto any type of mobile device.Obviously you will need a fairly modern day touch screen enable mobile phone or smart phone, and if you do so you can have a poker app downloaded onto that device and fully installed and ready to use in a matter of minutes.But much like when you do set about playing poker online, what you need to be fully aware of is that no two poker apps are going to be offering you the exact same things, so you are always going to be best advised to download, install and then try out a handful of different poker apps to allow you to judge for yourself which one suits you best.I would try and select a poker app however that is going to be not only offering you the type of poker game variants you enjoy playing, but also one that gives you access to a fair range of poker tournaments too!

Choosing When to Play Poker Online

It may sound strange or even bizarre, but you should also try and select the very best and optimum time when you do set about playing poker online for real money, as there can often be lots of additional benefits coming your way when you do so!Obviously at the quieter days of the week, you are going to find many poker sites will be giving away additional promotional offers that can often take the shape and form or reload bonuses and the like.Poker sites will do that to ensure that players are going to make use of those poker promotional offers and bonuses which in turn will ensure the poker sites are busy and here are plenty of live cash ring poker tables games in play.However, if you are an avid fan of entering and taking part in poker tournaments then by selecting the much quieter times of the day or night and days of the week to take part in such poker tournaments you could increase your chances of winning, as there could be fewer entrants in those tournaments which in turn does increase your chances of winning one of the cash prizes on offer in them!

Earning Additional Poker Site Rewards

As a real money online or mobile poker player, if you select a poker site or app that has a generous rewards scheme in place, then each time you take part in a poker cash ring game or pay an entry fee to take part in a poker tournament you are going to be earning reward points.Those points are going to be part and parcel of a poker sites or poker apps loyalty scheme, and how they will be designed is such that by earning and saving up those points as you play cash ring games or pay to enter a poker tournament you can then exchange them for additional playing credits.Obviously the more points you do manage to earn and acquire the more bonus playing credits you are going to be able to redeem them for.But just keep in mind that often some such loyalty schemes will be designed to award you with more points as you are playing and can and will often have a much lower redemption rate too, and as such some poker site and poker app loyalty schemes are much more generous and rewarding than others!

Making Deposits and Withdrawals

One quite important thing you are going to have to factor into choosing just at which poker sites you do choose to play at is how you intend to make deposits into your poker site accounts, and also how you are going to be able to receive your winnings from such sites too!What I would actively urge you to do is to initially find poker sites that are going to allow you to fund your account using the currency you use at home, as that way you will never be forced or required to have to deposit, play and withdraw your winnings in any other currency.That should see you not then having to pay currency exchange rate fees and charges every single time you top up your poker site accounts or when you have requested a winning payout from those accounts too.The range and type of deposit and withdrawal options available to you at all poker sites will be very wide and varied to so there is no doubt in my mind you are going to always be able to find a poker site offering you the exact type of payment options and methods that you much prefer using and one that is cost effective too.

Poker Sites You Can Trust

If you are looking to play poker online, then I really do urge you to consider signing up to and then playing at any of those sites you see showcased throughout this website.There is a good reason for me suggesting you do just that, and that is I have ensured that every single online and mobile site showcased and presented on this site holds a full and valid gambling license.That means you are always going to be afforded the additional protection of the gaming commission and gaming authorities that have issued those gaming licensed to those poker sites.The games will have all been certified and verified as being completely random, fair and true games, and the operators of those sites will have also been personally vetted to ensure they are of good character and the operating companies themselves will also have been vetted to ensure they are financially sound too.Plus, when you do set about playing at legal and licensed along with fully regulated poker sites, your deposits and bankrolls are held in segregated bank accounts too, so those funds are always accessible by you!

Poker Strategies and Advice

It could take you a lifetime to learn to play any poker game variants optimally, however to help you along a little you are going to find all manner of unique poker playing strategies and plenty of playing tips and advice on offer through this website too.I have spend a great deal of time researching just which poker strategies players should adopt when they are playing either cash ring poker games or when taking part in any type of poker game tournament too, so please do ensure you check out and read through those guides as you will certainly find plenty of ways to increase your chances of winning and improve your poker playing skills and abilities when you do just that!But at the end of the day remember that poker is a game or skill and chance, so not every single time you decide to play in any type of poker playing environment will you win, but by adopting the very best and optimal playing strategy you will certainly be able to increase your chances of having more winning session than losing one’s!

Safety and Security Features

One question that I do tend to get asked a lot by players, who are going to start playing online for the very first time, is just how secure their poker site accounts will be, and whether there is any chance they could get cheated when playing online too.With that in mind I need you to be fully aware that all of the featured and showcased poker sites that I have chosen to list and present to you on this website do utilize the very highest levels of security protocols on their respective sites and poker apps.As each of those poker sites and poker apps holds a full and valid gambling license too, you have the added peace of mind in knowing the gaming commission or gambling authority that has issued then with their gaming license has vetted the owners and operates of those sites.Not only that but the games and tournaments that are on offer at such sites a have all been tested, certified and verified as being completely fair and random too. Plus, each sites and app will also have their own security features and systems in place to detect cheating and collusions, which is always good to know of course!

Responsible Gambling When Playing Poker

It can be quite easy to get carried away when you get involved in playing poker games online, and as such one topic I do want to cover is responsible gambling.Now, you may feel like you have no problems what so ever being able to limit yourself to a strict poker playing bankroll, and you may feel like you can also stop playing when you feel the need to, but for some players they can get a little or very carried away playing real money poker games online.As such to allow you to negate the possibility of you ever spending more money than you initially intended when playing poker in either an online or mobile playing environment, you will find most sites and poker apps are going to five you access to a range of gambling limit option settings.By making use of them you can determine your own unique deposit limits  that you can have in place for any given time period, you can also set your own unique loss limits per session too, so always make use of them to ensure you stay firmly in control when playing poker online or on any type of mobile device!

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