PokerStars’ New Rewards Program Offers Two New Tiers, Goes Live on Jan 22

PokerStars’ New Rewards Program Offers Two New Tiers, Goes Live on Jan 22 January 16, 2024 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Jan 16, 2024  |  Updated on Jan 16, 2024

Pokerstars RewardsSummary:

  • New rewards program offers greater flexibility, transparency, and equality for players
  • Two new tiers have been added, allowing players to earn up to 60% rakeback
  • The new program will go live on January 22 in multiple markets

PokerStars will launch its new rewards program on January 22, promising increased flexibility and transparency, more generosity, and greater equality for all players.

Among notable features of the revamped scheme is the inclusion of new tiers that resemble the operator’s popular Supernova and Supernova Elite programs back in the past, giving players the opportunity to earn up to 60% rakeback.

PokerStars’ New Rewards Program – Key Features

PokerStars has increased the rakeback that players can earn from the base program from 25% to 40%.

The Blue to Black tiers remain but the processes involved in climbing the ladder have now become more transparent, especially with the elimination of the weekly challenges which had previously been the subject of player complaints as some of the challenges had high requirements and unclear rewards and were difficult to complete.

The operator has also added two new tiers – Select and Select Plus – designed for high-volume players, with up to 60% rakeback on offer for those who can meet higher rake requirements. Additionally, they will enjoy exclusive offers and promotions, including a weekly week race with a $12,000 weekly prize pool which will run upon the launch of the new program on January 22.

These new tiers are reminiscent of the operator’s Supernova and Supernova Elite programs back in the day which offered the biggest rewards for online poker players.

Recreational players are not left out in the new scheme either as PokerStars will reward them with a $0.50 Power Path Step 1 ticket on a daily basis, regardless of their rake amount or spending level. To be eligible, they only need to play at least one raked hand during the day.

The operator has also now increased the volume requirement for clearing chests. For instance, under the new system, players on the Blue tier will have to collect 2000 RPs, up from the existing 333 RPs, to earn 15% rakeback plus the $0.50 daily reward. The Black tier (the highest tier in the existing program), now requires 250,000 RPs, up from 100,000.

Program Rollout in Select Markets

The new rewards program will go live on January 22 in multiple markets, including the global dot-com and dot-EU, as well as Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Estonia, and the UK. Players in Austria may also take advantage of the new program but the two new tiers won’t apply to them.

Markets not included in the list will not be part of the launch due to regulatory restrictions. For players in the US and Ontario, they can expect a rollout of the program in the latter part of the year.

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