GGPoker Unveils Killer Whale Promo in Response to PokerStars’ New Rewards Program

GGPoker Unveils Killer Whale Promo in Response to PokerStars’ New Rewards Program January 19, 2024 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Jan 19, 2024  |  Updated on Jan 19, 2024

GGPoker Killer Whale PromotionSummary:

  • Players upgrading to Killer Whale before Feb. 14 will enjoy 50% flat rate rakeback for 100 days
  • The promo is an answer to PokerStars’ new rewards program which will be rolled out on Jan. 22
  • The Killer Whale promo is a huge boost, especially for those struggling to move up the ranks

The battle for online poker supremacy has intensified after GGPoker announced a massive 50% flat rate rakeback deal for players, just days before the rollout of PokerStars’ new rewards program. GGPoker has added a new Killer Whale rank to its existing loyalty scheme, allowing players to earn bigger rewards between now and February 14.

Killer Whale Guarantees 50% Weekly Cashback

GGPoker currently rewards its players via its Fish Buffet program whereby players earn rewards based on ranks and sub-ranks reached. The ranks are determined according to the number of fish points (FPs) accumulated throughout the month or year by playing real money poker.

Players begin to enjoy huge benefits once they reach the Platinum ranks which award a weekly flat rate rakeback starting at 35% (Platinum Octopus). This increases to 50% when you advance to Platinum Whale and 55% when you reach Platinum Shark. The highest rank is GGPlatinum which entitles you to a 60% flat rakeback.

On January 15, a new Killer Whale rank came into play, bringing with it 50% in weekly flat rate rakeback. This is understood to be GGPoker’s answer to PokerStars’ revamped rewards program which is set to take effect on January 22.

All players with Fish Buffet status lower than Platinum Whale can upgrade to Killer Whale until February 14. This is great news for those struggling to move up the ranks and have been stuck in the lower levels for some time now. Even new players can take advantage of the offer!

How to Upgrade to Killer Whale

Activating the Killer Whale rank is a walk in the park. All you have to do is log in to your GGPoker account, click on the Fish Buffet icon, and click on the Upgrade to Killer Whale button. Once done, you will earn 50% weekly cashback and any FPs already collected will be converted to cash rewards according to the cashback rate applicable for the rank you are switching from.

The Killer Whale offer is not here to stay though as it will only be valid for 100 days. However, you can keep earning 50% rakeback throughout the year if you manage to collect 400,000 FPs within those 100 days. If you’re unable to do this, you will be demoted to the next lowest Platinum rank, Platinum Octopus, which awards 35% rakeback.

If you end up being downgraded to Platinum Octopus, that’s not actually a bad thing especially if you have never reached any Platinum rank before, which is currently the case for most players on GGPoker.

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