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by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 23, 2017  |  Updated on May 23, 2017

Finding an online poker site that offers exactly what you’re looking for in a new room can be cumbersome. That’s why we’ve provided this page that’s chalk full of online poker reviews for you. There are a lot of things to consider when you’re choosing a new poker site for instance.

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Recommended Licensed and Legal US Poker sites

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Poker Reviews – Welcome Bonuses

In most cases, when you sign up for a new account at a poker site, you’ll be offered a welcome bonus. This is free money that the poker room gives to new players to entice them to choose that poker site over others that are available options. In some cases the welcome bonus will be 100% free no-deposit type bonuses.

Sites that offer No-Deposit bonuses give away small amounts of money, without requiring even a credit card in most cases. This type of bonus isn’t terribly common anymore, but does still exist. When a site does offer this sort of bonus, you’ll find that information listed right at the top of our poker reviews.

Understanding Poker Reviews – Deposit Match Bonuses

The most common type of poker bonus is a deposit match bonus. The amount of these types of bonuses varies from site to site, so as you’re reading reviews, here are some questions you’ll want to be sure are answered. How much money is offered? What’s the bonus percentage? What are the requirements for clearing the bonus?

How much is the bonus – Reading through Poker Review Hype

In almost every case, the bonus is redeemable whether the player makes the minimum deposit, or the maximum. If you’re not making a large deposit, than the amount offered really doesn’t matter. For instance, if the bonus offer says 100% up to $5000.00, then the maximum deposit is $5000.00. However, if you’re only depositing $50, it really doesn’t matter to you what the maximum bonus offer is. So you can just skip right over that.

Bonus percentages VS Maximum Bonus

Next, what’s the bonus percentage? This one is important. Let’s say one room offers that bonus we talked about above, 100% up to $5000.00. After reading another of our poker reviews you learn that another site offers 300% up to $300. If you’re depositing $5000.00 then poker site #1 might be the best choice for you. However, if you’re making a $50 deposit, then at poker-site #1, you’d end up with a $50 bonus. At poker-site #2 you’d get a bonus of $150. The maximum bonus amount looked impressive, but it was really the percentage that changed your future bankroll.

Poker Reviews – Clearing Poker Bonuses

The last question you need to ask yourself when reading poker reviews is; “How do I clear the bonus?” This is probably the most important piece of information as far as poker bonuses are concerned, and it’s the most commonly left out piece of information in most poker reviews. The most common method used by poker rooms is to put your bonus money into a bonus account for you. You cannot access this money until you’ve ‘cleared’ it. In general you do that by playing poker games on the site, which in turn earns you points. As you earn points, the money is moved from your bonus account and into your real money account. In some cases you’re given 30 days to clear a bonus, in other cases longer. At some sites the amount of points you earn or the amount of points required to clear a bonus is longer than at others.

Poker Promotions – Should they be listed in Poker Reviews?

This section of a poker review is pretty self-explanatory. This portion of a poker review talks about the types of promotions that a particular poker site offers. The trouble is that the promotions offered by poker sites change a lot more commonly than the reviews on most poker review sites. We recommend reading reviews, and really putting some thought into your poker-site selection, just as you would carefully choose the table that best suited your playing style, however, the best way to research poker site promotions is honestly to click the link in the review, visit the poker site, and click on the promotions tab.

Poker Software

This section of a poker review talks about who made the poker sites software, and who certified it. This information tells you a couple of things. Was the poker site made by a company that has a lot of experience building fair and safe poker software? Says who? Who tests the site and ensures its fairness?

Poker Cashier Reviews

When you visit the poker sites cashier, will you find an acceptable method of deposit? Believe it or not, industry reviews often provide more information as far as depositing to players accounts than the sites themselves do. Especially in tricky geographic areas, where making deposits isn’t always simple.

Poker Network Reviews

Many online poker sites are on major a network, which usually means that they share traffic. That means that when you’re playing at one Merge poker site for instance, you’re playing poker with all the players on the Merge network, just at different website addresses.

The more Information in a Poker Review the Better

There are a lot of other topics that can be covered in a poker review, and the more that you can learn about what you’re looking for in a poker room, the happier you’ll be at your new poker table.

The Poker Reviews that you’ll find throughout the pages of this website are written by professional poker players. Not only do they play poker online and in land based casinos on a regular basis, they’ve spent the last several years evaluating each important aspect of online poker sites