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by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 23, 2017  |  Updated on May 23, 2017

I am often asked all manner of questions by poker players who are thinking of playing poker via a poker app on their mobile phones, and one of the most commonly asked ones is whether it is going to be a playing environment that measures up to playing poker online.For let’s face it, not all of us are going to be able to get the hang of playing poker on a mobile phone without the use of a keyboard and mouse, however I do have to say that having tried out quite a number of different mobile poker apps recently, I have been very impressed by just how easy they are to navigate around and actually play poker on.Poker Apps on mobile and ipad imageIf you have been working out whether it will be beneficial for you to switch over to playing poker at a mobile poker site, then I do feel the following guide I have compiled is going to be of great interest and us to use.Below you will find plenty of questions relating to mobile poker apps and I will be answering each of those questions too, plus I will also let you know just what you should be looking for when you go about comparing what each poker app has to offer you, to ensure you get an enjoy playing experience!

Recommended Licensed and Legal US Poker sites

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  • Play free or real money Texas Hold’em games

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  • Play all types of Texas Hold’em games
Now, with the introduction of the smart phone, users of Android phones, iPhones, and even Blackberry’s can take those same games, anywhere we want to play them using smart phones and computer tablets.In fact, mobile gambling isn’t just an option for mobile phone users, netbook and tablet users can take their favorite real money poker games with them as well.

Where can I find Mobile Poker Apps?

Of course, not all online poker sites have developed poker applications that will work on a mobile device, however, the number of apps available is increasing at a pretty rapid pace.

Mobile Poker for older iPad Versions (3 and earlier)

  • Switch Poker
  • Terminal Poker

How does mobile poker compare to the online version of the game played from a stationary or laptop computer? Both options have their ups and downs. For instance not all of the tools we’ve grown accustomed to are available in the mobile versions of the game. Poker Tracker 3 users won’t find a mobile option. Even online poker giant PokerStars doesn’t offer table statistics that allow for strategic table selection.Don’t let that dissuade you from trying out the mobile version of your favorite poker site however, because you might just find that the good, for now, outweighs the bad, and what’s even better is that technology is improving even as you’re reading this. All of the biggest name poker sites are rapidly striving to outdo one another, and provide the best possible mobile poker apps The end result? There are new features being added frequently and what’s missing is likely under development right now.In the meantime, the next time you’re riding mass transit, or sitting in the back of a college class, the next time you’re stuck at a presentation you’d rather not be attending, there’s online poker, right there, in your pocket.

PokerStars Mobile App

PokerStars is well-known as 1 of the world’s largest, most reputable, and definitely most well-known online poker sites. At long last, they’re also officially a mobile poker site. There are two poker apps available at Stars, one for Android and one for iPhone.

Setting up PokerStars Mobile

  1. Visit PokerStars by clicking any link on this website
  2. Sign up for a new account if you don’t already have one.
  3. Visit the PokerStars Cashier and fund your new account
  4. Visit PokerStars Mobile Site and follow get a poker app for your phone.
  5. Login to your poker account from your mobile, and play poker!

The iPhone app is available in the Apple iStore, the Android app cannot be downloaded in the Google store, because of a restriction on real money gambling apps, so you’ll have to grab that one straight from the PokerStars website. The Apple app is available in the iStore for download and installation, due to the recent decision at Apple to finally allow real money gambling apps.During recent months, the app’s available for PokerStars players have undergone near constant development. What was initially a real money only poker app available to players in a very small portion of the world, is now a real/free money poker app, available nearly everywhere, everywhere but in the USA.

PokerStars Mobile App Highlights

  • Allows Players to Multi-table Clearly Mobile
  • Easy Access to the PokerStars Cashier

Keep in mind however that just because the PokerStars cashier can be accessed from a mobile device doesn’t make this the best option. Mobile players should use caution when accessing sensitive financial data from WiFi connections, and should always use a desktop with a wired connection to make financial transactions when possible.

Where PokerStars Mobile Lacks

  • No Lobby Stats
  • No Hand Histories
  • Betting Buttons need Improvement.

Bwin Mobile Poker App

Bwin is another well-known online gambling entity that provides both real money poker players and free money poker players with a mobile app. Using the Bwin Cell Poker App players have the ability to automatically post their blinds, choose between 2 and 4 color decks, wait until their big blind to join the game, and either hear sound effects from the game, or not.

Games Available at BWIN

  • No Limit Holdem
  • Fixed Limit Holdem
  • Pot Limit Holdem

Bwin features three different table varieties for No Limit Holdem players, 5 max, 10 max, and heads up tables. The site really only offers lower level stakes for mobile players, ranging from .05 blinds to $3.BWIN NL Holdem Stakes

  • $.0.5-.10
  • $ .15-.30
  • $.25-.50
  • $1-2
  • $2-4
  • $3-6

Party Poker Mobile App

If you’re looking for a mobile app that will allow you to play Party Poker games on your cell phone or tablet, well, you’re out of luck… for now. Party Poker doesn’t currently offer mobile gaming, however, the company did just acquire BWIN, so there are likely changes afoot, and it’s a possibility that Party Poker will further develop the BWIN mobile poker app and offer a bit of mobile poker action their selves.

Switch Poker Mobile App

Switch Poker came onto the poker scene as a mobile poker option in October of 2010. During that time the site catered to users of iPhones, iPad, and iPod.In December of last year (2011) the site went on to add Android compatibility. Switch is different from other mobile sites online because it doesn’t require the installation of an App, which makes the site compatible with users of older netbooks, and Apple products. If you’re looking for a poker site that’s compatible with the first couple iPad editions, than you’ve found it.

Mobile Poker App Bonuses

Bonuses are never going to be in short supply to you if you decide to give any poker site apps a try, but much like playing poker you do have to acquire the necessary skills in being able to determine when any poker bonuses are going to be worth claiming or not.If you come across for example any mobile poker sites and mobile poker apps that are giving away to their new customers some form of no deposit poker bonus, those offers are usually quite poor valued ones!There will often be a huge number of terms and conditions that are associated and attached to no deposit mobile poker site bonuses and you often find that you are going to have a cap as to just how much you can win and then withdraw when using such bonuses.The very best valued poker site bonuses that many experienced players are always going to be very eager to both claim and then make use of are the very high valued deposit match poker bonuses, but the terms and conditions do of course need reading through and digesting to ultimately determine if any such bonus is really going to be worth claiming or not!

Comp Clubs at Mobile Poker Sites

Mobile poker sites are of course going to be giving you lots of additional extras to help you remain a loyal player at their sites and when utilizing their apps too, and as such one thing you should investigate and do your research on are their respective rewards schemes.Each time you are involved in a real money poker game and additionally when you also pay for any real money poker tournament entries you will be earning comp points or reward points, be aware that different sites and apps may give them the point you earn their own unique names.However, what those points are going to eventually allow you to do is to exchange them for additional playing credits or even use them to pay for poker tournament fees, but only when you have saved up enough of them.Therefore what you should be looking for are mobile poker sites and mobile poker apps that award you with the very highest number of points based on your level or play and real money action, but also those that boast the lowest redemption fees too.That information will usually be found on the respective mobile poker sites or apps website, so make sure that is something you do read up on, as you will certainly find some sites and apps offering very generous reward and loyalty schemes when you u you do set about doing so!

Different Poker App Networks

Another thing that you should make a point of finding out is just which poker network any poker app or mobile poker site belongs too, for there are quite a number of poker networks and some of them are much more popular with worldwide poker players than other ones.It is also worth noting that you may actually be restricted from using a mobile poker app if you live in certain countries of the world if the poker network a mobile poker site belongs to and operates on does not hold a gambling license that covers the country in which you live and reside.So that is something that you should be checking long before you do waste any time downloading and installing a poker app onto your mobile phone, smart phone or tablet device.Also be aware that there will also be age restrictions in place too, and as such some poker apps and mobile poker sites will require you to be over the age of 18 before you can legally play their range of poker games and poker tournaments but some could have a minimum legal age requirement of 21 instead!

Types of Poker App Game Variants

As for whether you are going to find just as many individual poker game variants on offer on a mobile poker sites app as you will find available for example an online poker site, well that all depends on just which apps you decide to download, install and then sign up to and play at.I would say however that if you only tend to play the poker game variants such as Texas Hold’em Poker and Omaha Poker you are certainly never going to have any difficulties finding mobile poker apps that have an abundance of cash ring games and poker tournaments offering those two ever popular poker game variants.But just keep in mind that if you are looking to get stuck into playing some of the much more exotic poker game variants on your mobile devices then you will often have to hunt around for the possibly limited number of poker apps that will have such games available to you!

Enter Mobile Poker Tournaments

There can be just a small number of poker tournaments that will be on offer to you when using some mobile poker apps, in fact I have come across a number of mobile poker apps that do not offer any poker tournaments what so ever.So if you are something of a fan of entering poker tournaments but also want to have the added convenience of playing them on any type of mobile device I would actively encourage you to ensure that the apps you do choose to download are going to be offering you plenty of poker tournaments and poker tournaments that you are most interested in entering and playing in.There will be more than enough differently structured mobile poker tournaments on offer to you when utilizing and making use of certain poker apps, and they include free roll poker tournaments that have no entry fees and of course more than enough paid to enter poker tournaments too.Most mobile poker tournaments will also be linked into and up to the exact same poker tournaments that the online versions of a mobile poker site have available, so you will find the prize pools and the number of entrants in such tournaments are often going to be the same.

Comparing Mobile Poker Apps

As soon as you have played poker using a range of different poker apps, there is no doubt in my mind that you will become very adept at comparing what any new poker apps may be offering you as a player, and will be in a good position to determine if any new poker apps and mobile poker sites are going to be ideal one’s for you to play at.Having said that though as you have just found out above there can be and will be plenty of different things being offered to you at any new mobile poker sites, and there could be some things missing from those sites too.So at the end of the day you should always spend a much time as you need and require comparing just what additional features are available to you on any new poker apps and possibly also make a point of testing them out via the free play version of their cash ring games to see if they are suitable and preferable to you too.

Why Play at a Mobile Poker Site

It has to be the utter convenience of playing at a mobile poker site and on your smart phones that is the one main reason as to why more and more people are now doing so, but do also keep in mind that there are always going to be plenty of other playing environments on offer and available to you too.I do know that a very small percentage of mobile poker app users find it quite difficult to get the hang of playing poker on their mobile phones, especially if they are more used to playing on a  computer complete with a mouse and keyboard.Buy at the end of the day the only realistic way of you knowing just whether mobile poker is going to be a playing environment you will enjoy playing in, is by giving it a try, and then seeing how you get on.Just keep in mind that as most mobile poker apps are so very advanced these days then you are always going to find plenty of different poker games loads of different poker games and plenty of poker bonus offers and rewards schemes also on offer or you when using a mobile poker app!

Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of the day it is going to be your decision to play poker online, in a land based poker venue or even on a mobile poker app, and if you do have some additional questions that you are seeking the answers to about the latter you will find several of them answered below for you.

How long does it take to download a poker app?

It will take you lees than a minute to download and install a mobile poker app and it will take you less that a minute to sign up as a new player and make a deposit when using any mobile poker app too!

What are training poker apps?

Training apps are available to poker players and they are simply a tool you use to gain valuable experience regarding how to play off certain hands and they help you understand and fully learn the mathematics of playing poker games too.

Can I play unique poker games via an app?

There will be a very good mix of different poker games variants on offer to you when you choose to make use of a mobile poker app, but keep in mind that at the end of the day it will be the poker app and the poker network that app is on that will ultimately determine just how wide and just how varied the range of poker games you will have access to via an app will be!

How easy are mobile poker apps to use?

I would say it is going to be extremely easy for you to get the hang of playing poker games and entering poker tournaments using a mobile poker app, for the way the work is by using tapping the screen where required or swiping the screen to control the games and tournaments and navigate around the apps too.

Can anybody download and use a mobile poker app?

As long as you are over the legal minimum age to gamble in the country in which you reside then you are going to have no problems what so ever being able to then go on to download and use a mobile poker app!