by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 23, 2017  |  Updated on May 23, 2017

Online poker players have faced increasingly difficulties when it comes to moving their bankroll around between poker sites and to new poker sites on the Internet. Entropay is one of the many available payment options that for many, take the frustration out of making deposits and withdrawals to poker accounts online.

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What is EntroPay?

EntroPay offers users receive a 16-digit virtual credit card prepaid Visa credit card as well as an actual physical prepaid MasterCard. Users of EntroPay prepaid Visas are able to use them just like any other prepaid cards, except that EntroPay Cards can be purchased online and redeemed immediately, the same way that Ukash Vouchers are immediately available for use online, so there’s no waiting for a card to come in the mail, or trips to the store to purchase them.When using an EntroPay MasterCard to make poker site deposits you will actually have to wait for the physical card itself to come in the mail just as you would with companies such as NetSpend and Wired Plastic.All EntroPay cards come with an expiration date, and 3 digit security number just like the once you find on physical credit cards, so you really can use them anywhere that credit cards are accepted.The only difference between an EntroPay Card and an actual physical prepaid Visa card is that you can immediately access any funds you place in your EntroPay account, and can both deposit and withdraw from the account. All you need to get started is to sign up for the card within seconds; you’ll have your virtual card number.Because EntroPay is a virtual credit card, it is accepted everywhere online that credit cards are accepted. EntroPay isn’t available to United States poker players, but for everyone else, it should be one of the easier deposit options to use, given that players have a way to fund their EntroPay Card online.

How Do I Deposit Money in My EntroPay Account?

To fund an EntroPay account for use when playing poker, or doing other shopping online, visit www.entropay.com and fund your card with any credit card, debit card or bank account. The entire sign-up and funding process only takes a few minutes from beginning to end.

The Entropay Website is available in the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese

Is EntroPay Free?

EntroPay is not an entirely free poker site deposit method. It’s free to open an EntroPay account, and to create an EntroPay Virtual Visa Card. It’s also free to spend money using your card, and to later destroy the card. It’s not free to load your EntroPay card, or to share money back and forth between EntroPay Cards. It’s also not free to receive payments from poker rooms onto your EntroPay virtual credit card.

Fees for Loading EntroPay Cards

  • Using Credit/Debit Cards 4.95%
  • Transfer from other EntroPay Cards $0.20 / £0.10 / €0.15
  • Poker Site Withdrawals 1.95%

In return for those fees, EntroPay offers users SSL security and encryption that is comparable to many military departments.If you break EntroPay’s percentage based fees down into actual dollars and cents, EntroPay is keeping a little less than €5 for every €100 you load onto the card using a credit or debit card.Then when you withdraw winnings, you can expect a 1.95% that’s the equivalent of almost €2 for every €100. In reality, these fees should be charted on any excel sheets or other tools used for tracking poker profits.

Controlling Gambling Expenses using EntroPay

One convenient reason for using an EntroPay prepaid Visa Card and other similar poker deposit tools is that for players that play the game as a hobby, and not as a career choice, it’s an easy way to adhere to an online poker budget. Each month, week, or however often you budget yourself poker funds, you can immediately set aside your bankroll for the time period, then when it’s gone, it’s gone until your next payday or budget cycle.

EntroPay for Securing Personal Funds

Another plus for using EntroPay and other similar services (Like Ukash for instance) is that if you fall for a phishing scam, or accidentally enter your banking details in an unsafe place online, using EntroPay as a bridge between your bank account, and that site will limit the amount of your funds that an online scam artist will have access to.All information you share with the EntroPay website is protected with the highest 128-bit encryption processes. This makes all of the information you offer unreadable by anyone else. It all boils down to EntroPay being extremely easy to use, and extremely safe, allowing you to deposit or withdraw from any of the online gambling websites.

EntroPay Licensing and Legalities

Virtual Visa cards that are given to EntroPay customers are issued via the Bank of Valletta or by Transact Network Limited. This is done through a license that was issued to EntroPay from Visa Europe.EntroPay MasterCards are actually issued from Transact Network Ltd. Via a license that was issued to EntroPay from MasterCard International Incorporated. Both MasterCard and Visa are registered trademarks that belong to their respective owners.