Poker Site Deposit Options

There are literally dozens of different ways to make deposits to online poker sites depending on your location. If you're in the UK for instance, the world is your oyster. If you're located in the United States, or Canada, or in another locale that largely regulates online poker and other types of online gambling, well you might have to be a bit more creative to find a viable poker deposit method.

Whatever the case, you can trust that we here at will always provide you with all of the pertinent information on the most trusted, most convenient, and all relevant online poker deposit methods.

Deposit Methods Commonly Accepted at Online Poker Sites

Credit and Debit Cards

Credit Cards are by far the most popular method of depositing to online poker site accounts. After all, chances are, if you have a bank account you probably already have one. They're simple to use, if you can shop online, you can deposit money to an online poker site, lastly, there's usually no extra fee associated with using a credit card to make a deposit to an online poker site.

Credit Cards Accepted by Poker Sites Include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Diners Club
  • American Express (Amex)
  • Switch/Solo

The downside of using credit cards at online poker sites is that since the passage of the UIGEA in the United States, and Australia's IGMA and other similar laws credit card transactions in affected areas are not always effective. There is a solution to this however.

Where your bank issued credit card will not work, for the most part prepaid credit cards do. Take a look at our Credit Cards article for more information on where and how to get prepaid credit cards that will work at online poker sites from most countries.

Prepaid and Virtual Credit Cards

This section includes some companies that specialize in online poker transactions as well as some that happen to work well for online poker transactions. Some of these companies allow you to purchase a virtual card online, where others require that you go out and purchase an actual prepaid credit card.

The fees and types of fees associated with each type of card vary, so be careful when reading the fine print. Some cards charge a set-up fee, some a monthly fee, others a deposit fee, and others a withdrawal fee. If you're not careful in this department, you might just end up paying all three. If you're not into reading credit card terms check out our reviews of each individual product, we'll point out the leaks, and help you maintain a positive ROI.

Prepaid and Virtual Card Providers Include:


eWallet's are sort of like online bank accounts. They're companies that you can either use as an intermediary between your bank and the online poker site, or you can actually store money in your account with the eWallet and then use the account to make deposits and withdrawals to and from an online poker account.

Poker Site Compatible eWallet's


To put it simply, an eCheck is a virtual check rather than a paper check. The check has no number, and is drawn off of the player's regular bank account. Oftentimes eChecks are facilitated via companies such as PayPal or NETeller, listed above in the eWallet category. The poker site does not instantly receive the money deposited via eCheck, however, in most cases the players account is instantly credited.

Deposit Processors

These services provide a bridge between your bank and the online poker site. When you make a deposit using the following services at a poker site, they will instantly deduct the funds from your bank account and forward them to the poker site. The biggest benefits of these services are that the deductions from your bank account do not show up as gambling transactions and you do not have to share your bank account information with online poker sites. However, if you've read our poker reviews, and are strictly playing on sites trusted by Top Poker Sites, you should feel very secure in sharing your details with the sites listed here. In most cases the poker sites we list are more reputable than many payment processors have been in the past. In fact, most of the poker sites listed on this page are publically traded multi-million dollar companies.

Poker Deposit Intermediaries:

Money Transfer Services

Western Union and Money Gram are both money transfer services that can be used in person at a plethora of locations worldwide. In addition to actual retail locations where customers can personally send and receive cash to and from their poker accounts, players can also initiate transactions online, and by telephone.

Transfer Services: