Greek Poker Sites

by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 24, 2017  |  Updated on May 24, 2017

Greece, which is officially known as the Hellenic Republic, is a country located in the portion of Europe. Greek’s overall population, as of 2011, reached just about 11 million residents. The largest city in Greece also happens to be its capital, Athens.The official currency in Greece is the Euro, which makes finding poker sites that offer deposits, withdrawals and actual poker play in a familiar currency pretty easy for Greek Poker players. The official language of Greece is Greek. It’s also interesting to note that Greek is the official language of Cyprus, and a minority language used commonly in Albania, Turkey and in Italy.Greece joined the European Union in 1981, because of this Greece is bound by European Union laws, and therefor it’s rulings. We’ll talk a little more about EU law, and recent rulings involving live, and online gambling law further on in this article.

Greek Online Poker Law

In early 2013 the European Union declared the Greek gambling monopoly, which is owned by Opap SA (OPAP), was found to be in violation of European Union law. The European Union told Greece they couldn’t continue to allow the monopolization of the gambling market. In that instant, Opap SA (OPAP) saw their shares begin to plummet, and companies like Bwin and Ladbrokes and Will Hill Poker saw their own shares rise, even more than Opap’s shares fell.So in a nutshell, with the help of the authority of the European Union there’s hope of mainstream regulated online poker operating legally within Greece in the coming….years.That’s right, years, experts report that Greece intends to open up gambling licenses to outsider right around the year 2020. So that’s progress, they say.In the meantime, there are several online gambling sites that are licensed in other areas that still offer live poker games, as well as tournaments to residents of Greece. Since the main currency in Greece is the Euro, many of these games are even available in the currency Greeks are most familiar with. Even poker sites that don’t offer poker games using Euros are likely to offer players that ability to make deposits and withdrawals, and otherwise manage their accounts using the Euro.

Poker Games available in Greek

The following poker sites offer compatibility with the Greek language from their poker software. Some of the rooms still won’t let you speak languages other than English in the chat box, so you’ll have to use a translator if you want to talk trash during the game, aside from that, it’s completely Greek.

Everest Poker first added the Greek language to their software in 2007, even before that though; there was poker available in Greek. In fact, Cryptologic made history with their multi-language software in 2005, which brought Greek to William Hill poker. 888 offers poker play in the Greek language, in addition to casino games, slots, and a full suite of online bingo games.In 2010, Titan launched v9.6 of the Titan poker software client, which as you’ve probably already guessed included Greek software.

Famous Greek Poker Players

Some of the world’s most savvy poker players are Greek. In fact, in recent years, big winners at the World Series of Poker have been Greek players who have won over $2 million.

  • Billy Argyros
  • John Bouzalas
  • Vasilis Lazarou
  • Chris Tsiprailidis
  • Peter Vilandos

Greek Poker Deposit Methods

Pretty much any poker site online is going to accept Euro’s as a currency for deposit, so Greek’s should face no issues there. Likewise, almost any popular deposit method is available to Greek poker players. This includes, but is definitely not limited to the following:


Prepaid Deposit Options

In addition to those common deposit methods, Greek poker players are also able to use more mainstream deposit methods, such as Visa‘s and MasterCard‘s.