PokerStars Launches Platinum Madness Promo

PokerStars Launches Platinum Madness Promo February 12, 2020 Mario Alfonsi
Mario Alfonsi by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Feb 12, 2020  |  Updated on Feb 12, 2020

Pokerstars: Platinum MadnessPlayers wishing to take part in the highly-anticipated PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship (PSPC) in August now have the chance to grab one of 21 Platinum Passes on offer via a new promotion launched by PokerStars this week.

The Platinum Madness promo will award up to $1 million in prizes, including the 21 passes in 21 days. In order to take part, players only need to opt-in via the Challenges window in the online platform and begin playing. The Platinum Madness challenge is primarily a virtual board game involving dice rolls.

These dice rolls are contained in Stars Rewards Chests which you can earn by playing real money games at the site. The more you play, the more Chests you’ll win.

Whenever you roll the dice, you get to move your game piece through spaces across the virtual board, depending on the number that comes up during the dice roll.

Extra Prizes Up For Grab

The board consists of 49 spaces, some of which have special PSPC chests containing extra prizes.

If you’re lucky enough to land on these PSPC chests, you may receive spins, tickets, or even cash. The most exciting part is that you might just win a Platinum Pass! You may also land on ladders which will enable you to skip spaces and move your game and complete the board much faster. This way, you will be in for bigger rewards, especially if you reach the 49th space. The final chest may also contain Platinum Passes, so moving quicker through ladders is a smart idea.

You may also earn more dice rolls by taking part in extra challenges available in your Challenges Window.

Take note though that the chances of winning a Platinum Pass are quite low. Those who belong to the lowest tier have just 0.005 percent chance of winning one, while players on the highest tier get 1.5 percent.

The much-coveted Platinum Pass includes the €22,500 buy-in to the PSPC 2020 event, six nights’ accommodation for two in a five-star hotel in Barcelona, bespoke PSPC merchandise, airport transfers, as well as €1,250 extra cash for additional expenses.

The winner of the inaugural PSPC was Ramon Colillas, a Platinum Pass holder from Spain. The massive event attracted 1,039 players, 320 of them were Platinum Pass winners. The 2020 PSPC will take place at Casino Barcelona on August 20-24. Platinum Madness will run until March 1 only, so visit PokerStars now and take your shot!

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