“Poker Brat” Threatens To Burn Down The Rio In Tirade At 2021 WSOP

“Poker Brat” Threatens To Burn Down The Rio In Tirade At 2021 WSOP October 14, 2021 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Oct 14, 2021  |  Updated on Oct 14, 2021

Phil HellmuthPhil Hellmuth is nicknamed the “Poker Brat” because he can let his emotions get the better off him at the poker tables as the poker community found out this week. Hellmuth leads the list of WSOP bracelet winners with 15 to his name.

He has had a good run at the 2021 WSOP so far, making it to several final tables but falling short of that first place finish. Hellmuth was having a good run at the $10,000 Seven-Card Stud Championship after making it to the final table, when things started going wrong.

Hellmuth lost his cool and went berserk at the table for over 15 minutes. His language was filled with swear words that made most people around him very uncomfortable. As his rant went on, things started to escalate as Hellmuth ended up saying that he felt like burning down the Rio.



His outburst was heard by WSOP commentators and WSOP management but no one did anything to stop him. The WSOP rulebook states that swearing in a public place at the casino, will result in a penalty that can range from a verbal warning, to being disqualified from the event or being banned from the casino for life.

Hellmuth got no punishment for his outburst and the rest of the poker community were not happy with the WSOP being partial to him and letting him get away with such a long and abusive rant.

Hellmuth Issues Apology

When Hellmuth found out that his outburst went viral on social media, he took quickly to Twitter to issue an apology and said he went too far. His apology did not go down well with a lot of poker players as one poker player called him out and said that if he even did 50 percent of what Hellmuth did, he would have been banned for life.

Hellmuth had to issue another apology that was a little more detailed, since the buzz around his WSOP antics continued to increase on social media. Hellmuth put out another tweet which said:

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