Lauren Roberts Reveals On Social Media How Bryn Kenney Allegedly Cheated Her

Lauren Roberts Reveals On Social Media How Bryn Kenney Allegedly Cheated Her April 27, 2022 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Apr 27, 2022  |  Updated on Apr 27, 2022

Lauren Roberts and Bryn KenneySummary

  • Lauren Roberts supported Martin Zamani’s earlier claims that Kenney cheated
  • Roberts was good friends with Kenney until the cheating scandal blew up
  • Kenney denied the allegations but has yet to give a detailed explanation

High-profile poker pros allegedly involved in various forms of cheating has been a hot topic on social media recently, with Bryn Kenney becoming the latest player to be accused of robbing innocent players out of huge sums online through illicit practices.

The tweetstorm continues as Lauren Roberts, Kenney’s “former” good friend, came forward to say she was a victim herself of Kenney’s shady schemes.

Betrayal Exposed

Equipped with screenshots of her recent conversations with Kenney, Roberts took to Twitter to reveal that the American poker pro threatened that he would spill the beans over a $2 million debt that Roberts allegedly failed to pay.

The debt is in connection with Roberts’ online poker pursuits on GGPoker wherein Kenney took charge of her finances. Roberts had been stuck on the losing end of her poker sessions on the online poker site, but unbeknownst to her, Kenney was poaching her for his horses.

Kenney’s alleged illegal activities were initially brought to light by Martin Zamani who admitted that he was previously part of the former GGPoker ambassador’s online poker cheating ring and that there were instances in which he and his fellow horses would play against Roberts under the direction of Kenney.

According to Zamani, Kenney was involved in collusion, ghosting, and multi-accounting. He was also accused of making dubious staking deals involving shamans and verbally abusing his horses and dropping their stakes when they disobeyed Kenney’s orders.

Zamani said He22 was among the bigger losers of Kenney’s deceptive practices. Roberts, a high-stakes amateur, played on GGPoker under that screen name.

Roberts said Kenney’s betrayal was clear – he acted as her mentor/coach during the games but at the same time, he had a stable of horses ready to gang up on her whenever she played. Roberts also bared that Kenney would persistently entice her to continue to play by offering her a freeroll even after telling him she wanted to take a break, something Roberts described as “abusive“.

Kenney Denies Cheating Allegations

While Zamani did not provide any evidence to prove his claims, Roberts’ recent tweets show there could be some truth to those cheating allegations.

After the accusations against him exploded on Twitter, Kenney was quick to refute the claims, saying there was no evidence of him cheating. He said he would address everything in detail but that has yet to happen.

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