Upswing Poker Gives Players A Chance To Learn At Discounted Rates

Upswing Poker Gives Players A Chance To Learn At Discounted Rates November 28, 2019 Mario Alfonsi
Mario Alfonsi by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Nov 28, 2019  |  Updated on Nov 28, 2019

Upswing PokerOnline training courses offer an effective way for players to build solid foundations and improve their skills and strategy, all aimed at transforming them into a winning poker player.

However, the best online courses are usually priced at a high price making it difficult for the average poker player to buy.

If you’re keen on taking your game to the next level and looking for an online training package that fits your limited budget.

Upswing Poker, one of the world’s leading poker training sites is cutting course prices by 25% as part of its Black Friday promotion. The promotion is currently underway and will run till December 2.

Upswing offers a wide array of training courses, covering all the essential elements that will help you become a better player. Keep reading to know what Upswing course matches your skill level and game preference.

If you’re playing low and mid-stakes cash games and tournaments, the Upswing Lab is perfect for you. From $99, the price has now been marked down to $74, and you can gain more savings if you avail of the 6-month or 12-month plan.

Being a Lab member entitles you to an extensive No-Limit Hold’em training package which consists of 69 in-depth learning modules to boost your win rate. It also comes with hundreds of “Play and Explain” videos, preflop charts covering both online and live cash games and tournaments, as well as exclusive access to a poker group where members share some tips to improve your strategy.



Doug Polk’s Advanced Heads-Up Course

Upswing is home to some of the world’s best poker pros who are now helping other players improve their game. Among Upswing’s elite roster of coaches is no other than three-time World Series of Player (WSOP) bracelet winner Doug Polk.

In his advanced heads-up course, Polk shares his secrets to conquering heads-up poker; but take note, the package also covers lessons that can be applied to all forms of poker, so even non heads-up players can benefit from the course.

Here’s what’s in store for you: in-depth preflop ranges applicable to a wide range of heads-up situations, 80 videos explaining heads-up strategy, as well as 11 videos where Polk himself is playing $100/$200 blinds against Ben Sulsky. All of this is available for only $749, down from the original $999.

Learn Mixed Games With Jake Abdalla

Jake Abdalla ‘s “Mixed Games Mystery” covers Razz, Omaha 8, 2-7 Triple Draw, Stud, and Stud 8 in a comprehensive training package that also has 101 videos tackling limit mixed game strategy.

Jake Abdalla is a prominent name in the mixed games arena. Learn the best mixed games strategy from him for a discounted price of $749 (originally $999). If this does not fit into your plans, there are still plenty of courses available on Upswing Poker.

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