Steve O’Dwyer Warns Poker Fans To Not Fly With Lufthansa

Steve O’Dwyer Warns Poker Fans To Not Fly With Lufthansa February 14, 2023 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Feb 14, 2023  |  Updated on Feb 14, 2023

Steve O'DwyerSummary

  • Steve O’Dwyer finally got his lost baggage after Lufthansa messed up
  • Lufthansa was unable to locate it despite help from a GPS tracker
  • The lost luggage was recovered by a baggage repatriation company

High stakes poker pro Steve O’Dwyer who has over $33 million in prize money has had a terrible experience with the German airline Lufthansa Airlines after they lost his baggaged. He finally retrieved his lost luggage from Lufthansa after a 15 day ordeal.

The Irish-American poker pro’s travel ordeal made headlines earlier this month with Lufthansa failing to find the missing luggage despite O’Dwyer telling the German airline where it’s exactly located.

O’Dwyer’s Lufthansa Travel Nightmare

Before checking his luggage, O’Dwyer placed an Apple AirTag in it so he can track it in case it goes missing during the flight. And that’s exactly what happened. His luggage never arrived at his destination and got lost while he was transferring flights on his way to the Bahamas, the venue of the 2023 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA).

The moment he learned his luggage was missing, O’Dwyer immediately reported the incident to Lufthansa and informed the airline that his belongings were at London Heathrow Airport (LHR), as per information provided by the GPS tracker. The poker pro never heard from the airline for several days and when one of its representatives finally gave an update, he was only told his lost baggage had not been found yet.

Extremely frustrated, the World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour champ lashed out at Lufthansa on social media, going as far as telling poker fans not to travel on Lufthansa.

While O’Dwyer did not make it far in the tournament, falling in 51st place for $29,400, he was sort of relieved that he was able to tell a large audience to never fly Lufthansa.

Lost Luggage Retrieved

O’Dwyer’s luggage had been missing for about a week when he joined the PCA Main Event, and all that the German airline did was tell him they were working through the matter. On February 4, O’Dwyer’s story was picked up by multinational news channel CNN and that somehow helped him in getting his belongings back.

A baggage repatriation firm saw the CNN story and helped track O’Dwyer’s missing luggage at LHR. He gave credits to the company, Global Baggage Solutions, via a thank you post on Twitter, but it appears the poker pro is finding it hard to move on from what Lufthansa did to him. He once again threw shade at the airline company, thanking them for “absolutely nothing”.

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