PokerStars Hands Out $5.27 Million Across COOP Events

PokerStars Hands Out $5.27 Million Across COOP Events September 29, 2021 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Sep 29, 2021  |  Updated on Sep 29, 2021

Pokerstars: Championship of Online PokerPokerStars ran its Championship of Online Poker (COOP) festival simultaneously in New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania and has recorded a pretty good response in all three markets.

The three COOP festivals ran from Sep 10 to 27 and PokerStars paid out a total of $5.27 million across all three COOP festivals.


Pennsylvania had the biggest of all the three COOP festivals as a total of 69 events were scheduled. Hence, it is no surprise that PACOOP ended up paying out the highest amount amongst the COOP festivals with more than $2.38 million in prize money being awarded. PACOOP saw over 25,000 player registrations and was a successful overall for PokerStars.

The $300 PACOOP Main Event took place over a two day period and saw a prize pool of $238,000. In the end, it was Hondoribbia who finished in first place and took home a prize of $36,400.85.


Michigan had the second biggest COOP festival with a total of 68 events taking place. MICOOP saw a total of 18,000 registrations and over $1.79 million in prize money being distributed. The $300 MICOOP Main Event was the highlight of the series and it saw a total of $176,960 in guaranteed prize money given away.

WadeDavenport” ended up winning the Main Event and took home a prize of $31,000. Some of the other notable winners at MICOOP included “Meatballs9000” who won four events while BishPlz94 and Corgasm231 won three events each.


The smallest of the three COOP events was the NJCOOP. PokerStars limited the number of events to just 60 and hence the overall numbers are also smaller when compared to MICOOP and PACOOP.

NJCOOP saw a total of 10,600 registrations and a total of $1.1 million was given away during the series. Once again, the $300 NJCOOP Main Event was the highlight of the festival which had a $100,000 prize pool. The winner was a user by the name of “sri100k” who took home $18,600 for his first place finish.

Some of the users that did well at NJCOOP were “MisAnnthr0pe” and “cncly1314” who won three events each while monkeymak067, “Stonniepokes” and “kyleortor86” went on to win two events each.

PokerStars is set to launch its Bounty Builder Series which will run from Oct 3 to 18 and have over $30 million in guarantees.

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