Phil Galfond’s Run It Once Poker Room Launches New SNG

Phil Galfond’s Run It Once Poker Room Launches New SNG November 2, 2020 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Nov 2, 2020  |  Updated on Nov 2, 2020

Run It Once PokerRun It Once (RIO) is set to launch its own version of the popular sit-n-go (SNG) game.

The site’s founder Phil Galfond announced last week that their latest offering will not be your typical SNG as it comes with a unique twist that will combine both the lottery and regular formats.

Lottery SNGs have become increasingly popular in in the world of online poker in recent years, as these types of games give players the chance to win massive jackpot prizes in a short span of time.

Fans of the lottery format just love the thrill of watching their tiny investments transform into huge winnings the moment they hit the highest multipliers. But there are also those who still enjoy the simplicity of the classic, regular SNGs which come with pre-defined prizes, giving players an idea of the exact amount of winnings in store for them.

When RIO was still under development, Galfond wanted to include SNGs in the site’s list of offerings. But liquidity concerns had prevented the online platform to introduce both lottery and regular SNG formats separately.

They had to contemplate on a similar issue when they initially launched their cash games. Galfond said they couldn’t introduce both the traditional and fast-fold tables, so they picked the traditional format.

SNG Select

Now, RIO has found a way to merge the two sit-n-go formats under one game! Dubbed “SNG Select“, RIO’s newest offering will see players and fans of the lottery as well as the classic SNG formats play together under one liquidity pool.

To play the game, players need to go to the SNG Select lobby and choose their preferred format: Classic or CUB3D, the latter is RIO’s version of the lottery format. After selecting their buy-in level, the players will then be seated initially in a three-handed hyper turbo game.

If you choose the Classic format and you end up winning, you’ll take home a fixed prize which is already indicated the moment you start playing. If you went for the CUB3D format and you won, a randomized prize is waiting for you (up to 1,500x the buy-in).

Apart from marrying two formats in one game, RIO is also adding a new feature that will reduce the loss-rate of losing players. RIO’s SNGs will involve “Glitch Prizes” which will be dropped in random manner into pots for players to compete. The unique feature serves as a means of providing rakeback, though in an unconventional way.

You can visit the RIO website and see what this game is all about.

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