partypoker Hits Leaderboard Cheaters With Lifetime Ban

partypoker Hits Leaderboard Cheaters With Lifetime Ban May 7, 2020 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 7, 2020  |  Updated on May 7, 2020

partypokerLeaderboard cheaters at partypoker have been permanently banned from the site. Rob Yong confirmed this on Twitter when he announced that the $1 million monthly cash game leaderboard races would run until May.

In April, partypoker ran a total of 16 leaderboards divided equally across poker games such as no-limit hold’em and pot-lit Omaha at a range of stakes. Players competed in a $250,000 leaderboard race each week, bringing the total prize to $1 million for the month. However, some tried to step out of line to gain an illicit advantage over other players.

According to Yong, some players have been caught trying to cheat the system by employing different methods, such as multi-accounting, or recruiting friends to play more hours on their accounts.

When a player uses multiple accounts at the same time, he or she gets the chance to land more than one spot on the leaderboard, claiming more prizes. Likewise, some players also seek the help of friends to extend their play on their respective accounts for the purpose of racking up more points. Thankfully, partypoker’s hardworking cheat busters were able to spot them and banned them for life.

Funds Redistributed to Affected Players

Yong, partypoker partner and founder of Dusk Till Dawn, said funds belonging to the offenders have been seized and redistributed to the rightful leaderboard winners. partypoker’s message is loud and clear – while they want to reward players for supporting the site through the years, they should strictly follow the rules, otherwise they will be punished.

Yong warned players that their anti-cheating team are monitoring the leaderboard races round the clock and any potential cheater will be interrogated and investigated thoroughly. If you are found violating the rules, you will be banned for life. Yong said the law prohibits them from naming and shaming these cheaters, though he admitted the culprits owned up to their mistakes during interrogation.

The latest move by partypoker only shows their strong commitment to tackling all forms of cheating across the platform, to ensure a fair and safe online poker experience for players.

The $1 million leaderboard races will continue through May, and players can earn points by playing at regular cash games, as well as fastforward games. Short Deck cash games and Fixed Limit Hold’em are not included in the leaderboard promo. The leaderboards start every Monday, and you can win up to $10,000 in prizes! For more details, check out the partypoker website.

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