New WSOP+ App Could Be Revealed During 2023 WSOP Paradise

New WSOP+ App Could Be Revealed During 2023 WSOP Paradise November 28, 2023 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Nov 28, 2023  |  Updated on Nov 28, 2023

WSOP+ AppSummary:

  • WSOP+ allows online tournament registration and provides real-time information on WSOP events
  • Players can take advantage of limited-time launch offers, with exciting rewards up for grabs
  • The app will make things a lot easier for players during the 2024 WSOP

The WSOP has launched a new mobile app designed to streamline the registration process for WSOP events.

Named “WSOP+”, the app will be used for the first time during the WSOP Paradise this December, offering a faster and more convenient way for players to register for their favorite tournaments.

WSOP+ Key Features

WSOP+ replaces the Bravo app which was previously used by players to register for WSOP tournaments online. The brand-new app works pretty much like the Bravo app as it allows players to register early and avoid long queues, sparing them from all the hassle associated with in-person registration.

Apart from that, WSOP+ also provides updated information on specific tournaments, including those that are ongoing. Players obtain key details in real-time, such as the current level, prize pool distribution, remaining players, and many more. Having access to a live tournament clock for all in-progress events makes it much easier for players to figure out which events offer the best value.

The app also has a Push Notification feature, keeping players posted about upcoming tournaments. The players can focus on the game while WSOP+ handles the reminders.

To celebrate the app’s debut at WSOP Paradise, players who download and use the app to register for the Bahamas series get three separate offers.

For Offer #1, the WSOP is giving away 10 free tickets to the $1,650 Mystery Millions. To be eligible, players only need to download WSOP+ and sign up for a free account before 22:00 ET on November 29.

Offer #2 gives a $1,650 Mystery Millions seat to any player who loads up $31,300 into their WSOP+ account. This offer is valid until 23:59 ET November 30.

Load up $150,000 into your WSOP+ account and enjoy 11 free nights at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. High rollers looking to play at WSOP Paradise should not miss this third offer which is valued at $10,000. A host will reach out to eligible players within 24 hours for booking assistance.

WSOP+ Expected to be In Use at 2024 Las Vegas Series

The launch of WSOP+ marks another effort from the WSOP to enhance player experience, and we can expect the app to be fully available during the 2024 WSOP. By the time the Las Vegas series kicks off, the WSOP team will have sorted out any potential deficiencies, which means the app will be fully polished in time for the summer festival.

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