GGPoker Offering Final Table Betting Through PokerShares Partnership

GGPoker Offering Final Table Betting Through PokerShares Partnership December 15, 2020 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Dec 3, 2020  |  Updated on Dec 15, 2020

GGPoker and PokerSharesGGPoker has added another exciting feature for players to enjoy. The online poker site has just opened its final table betting markets, in partnership with PokerShares. This means poker fans can now place a bet on players competing in the final table.

If you’re following GGPoker’s SuperMILLION$, you’ll be pleased to know that the final table of the weekly high-stakes tournament becomes the first market open to bettors. GGPoker is offering odds on the finalists and is giving away a 10% price boost to anyone who picks the eventual winner.

You are allowed to bet between $0.01 and $500 on the player you think will ultimately end up as the victor.

You will receive the main part of the wager in cash, while the 10% extra money will be awarded to you in the form of tournament tickets.



GGPoker Leading the Way

With GGPoker offering bets for online finales, it is again leading the way in introducing a fresh feature that could potentially become the norm among online poker sites in the months to come. Betting markets are not entirely new to poker. In fact, poker fans and enthusiasts have often placed bets on the WSOP Main Event for years, via well-known bookmakers. But the practice is rarely adopted in virtual tournaments.

GGPoker has grown from a being a relatively new player to becoming the world’s third-largest online poker site. It took off this year after hosting a series of record-breaking tournaments, including the WSOP Online Bracelet Series, which earned the site a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Right Timing

The timing of the recent betting partnership between GGPoker and PokerShares couldn’t be more perfect. The COVID-19 pandemic forced a major change to business operations and how transactions are done across the globe.

The closure of live venues, including casinos and poker rooms, resulted in a massive surge in online traffic, as people turn to the internet for entertainment. Events that were traditionally taking place live have now been held virtually, all for the purpose of protecting the health and safety of everyone. Online poker is among industries that greatly benefited from this online shift.

Since the lockdown period, interest in the game has skyrocketed, with online tournaments attracting record turnouts. Many even refer to online poker’s current success as a second “boom“, and it is just hard to ignore. With online operators such as GGPoker managing to keep the momentum, we can expect this trend to continue, even if things eventually return to normal.

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