EvenBet Gaming Launches New Poker Network For South America & LATM

EvenBet Gaming Launches New Poker Network For South America & LATM January 13, 2020 Mario Alfonsi
Mario Alfonsi by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Jan 13, 2020  |  Updated on Jan 13, 2020

EvenBet GamingEvenBet Gaming recently announced that it will be entering the South and Latin American poker market with its new online poker network. The company is an innovative software provider that develops robust gaming networks.

EvenBet’s new poker network will provide access to all of its partners located in South America. The new network will first look at expanding in Colombia, where iGaming is regulated and will then be followed by Brazil, Peru, and Argentina — all countries with strong online poker markets waiting for new challenges.

Among the most prominent local online gambling and betting brands that have signed on for EvenBet’s new network are Jugar Primero, Apuesta Rapida, and MiJugada — all of whom have been prior EvenBet customers for the firm’s omni-channel platform. EvenBet has also announced that at least eight more firms have joined their poker network, an ever-growing number that is set to increase in the months before the full release.

According to EvenBet, their poker network will include partnerships with casino and sports betting firms as well as standalone online poker rooms, further encouraging diversity in the network’s playerbase by linking up with gaming firms entrenched in the region as well as iGaming start-ups.

Poker A Key Product for EvenBet’s Continued Success

According to the EvenBet Gaming CEO, Dmitry Starostenkov, the initial feedback regarding their South American network has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly at summits like SAGSE Buenos Aires. As more poker rooms operate in their network, Starostenkov is confident that EvenBet will soon be the largest supplier of poker software for South and Latin America.

The main advantage of using EvenBet’s new poker network and software is its adaptability to the needs of local partners, which Starostenkov has highlighted as a key focus for the company.

With a simple API integration made possible by the latest advancements in functionality and technology, poker players using their network will have seamless access to their online wallets as well as a complete user database based on a state of the art localised user interface, which will be updated as needed. Additionally, poker operators who partner with the network will be able to customise the front end of the software to feature their own branding.

Poker is a key product for EvenBet, according to Starostenkov, because it is a game that transcends borders, rewarding skill and knowledge over luck in the long run. The company will focus on poker as they believe the South America and Latin America markets have a lot of potential.

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