888poker Awards $100K in BLAST Sit & Go Jackpot to Three Lucky Players

888poker Awards $100K in BLAST Sit & Go Jackpot to Three Lucky Players September 8, 2022 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Sep 8, 2022  |  Updated on Sep 8, 2022

888poker BlastSummary

  • Bellyfuff“ won the largest share of the jackpot worth $70,000
  • The other two players won $10K and $20K
  • Massive jackpots continue to be hit in 888poker’s BLAST sit & go tournaments

A player on 888poker won a huge jackpot less than a week after signing up with the site.

The lucky player who uses the screen name Bellyfuff received the windfall worth $70,000 after playing 888poker’s BLAST jackpot sit & go tournaments.

Bellyfuff” wasn’t the only one to win a share of the jackpot prize as two other players who joined him in a BLAST Sit & Go tournament, belacroatia1 and Brisels, also turned their $10 investment into a five-figure payout.

Shortly after the three players entered the tournament, each sitting with 1,500 in starting stack, the game hit the $10,000x top prize pool multiplier which meant they would be competing for $100,000 in prize pool and each of them would walk away with a share of the jackpot, depending on their finishing positions.

Brisels” who finished third took home $10,000, and that’s already a massive value as they only entered the tournament for just $10. “Bellyfuff” and “belacroatia1” entered heads-up play, with both players guaranteed to win at least $20,000. In the end, it was “Bellyfuff” who won the tournament and claimed the top prize worth $70,000. “belacroatia1” enhanced their bankroll by $20,000.

For those who are new to 888poker’s BLAST Sit & Go games, they are tournaments involving three players and are played just like a traditional short-handed sit & go, but with the addition of a BLAST all-in timer. Once the timer hits zero, the remaining players go all-in for each hand until a winner is determined. By this time, the game all depends on luck.

Win Big in 888poker’s BLAST Games

888poker’s BLAST games have become increasingly popular among players as they offer huge prizes for just a small investment. In August, the operator awarded over $400,000 in BLAST prizes, and the poker games had entry fees of less than $500.

In September 2021, the largest BLAST Sit & Go jackpot worth €1 million was hit and was distributed among three lucky players. The biggest winner of them all, Adria74, walked away with an astonishing €700,000 for a buy-in of only €1. Earlier in April, the same €1 million jackpot was also triggered in a $100 BLAST game. The $700,000 top prize went to Mikaxe.

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