Indonesian Poker Sites

by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 24, 2017  |  Updated on May 24, 2017

Indonesia which is a country located in South East Asia is officially known as the Republic of Indonesia. The country is made up of about 17,508 islands that make up 34 different provinces. There are roughly 238 million people located in Indonesia, which makes the country the 4th largest in the entire world based on the size of its population.Indonesia is bordered by Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia. The official currency in Indonesia is the Rupiah. The official language of Indonesia is Indonesian, which is actually a form of Malay. However, with the 300 various native groups, each distinctly different, that inhabit Indonesia, it’s no surprise that the country recognizes a plethora of various languages. In fact, 742 different languages are spoken throughout the country.Because gambling isn’t legal in Indonesia, there are no locally licensed online poker sites. However, there are still sites that accept online poker players from Indonesia.

  • 888 Poker
  • Party Poker
  • BWIN Poker
  • Winner Poker

Well Known Indonesian Poker Players

Given the legal state of online poker in Indonesia, there are just 14 players listed on the Hendon Mob Databases list of top money earning poker players in Indonesia. The following are the top 10 poker players in Indonesia ranked by profits from playing poker games.

  • John Juanda
  • Michael Sampoerna
  • Satrya Teja
  • Steven Djingga
  • Anton Widjaya
  • Ken Hartono
  • Antonious Norman
  • Ferdinand Putra
  • Fabien Pariselv
  • Wendy Chandra

Indonesian Deposit and Withdrawal Options

In areas where playing poker online isn’t legal, or is in a legal grey area, it can be difficult to find ways to deposit and withdraw funds from internet based poker accounts. Indonesia qualifies as one of those areas. However, most Indonesians are able to make deposits and withdrawals using bank transfers so long as the bank being used to execute the transaction is IDR-denominated.An even simpler method of deposit involves the use of a credit card. Most Indonesian poker players are able to simply use a credit card to process a deposit into their online gambling accounts. The tricky thing here however is that it’s just not as simple to make a withdrawal. In most cases, poker sites cannot process withdrawals to credit cards.Lastly, and one of the more popular offers, involves the use of an online eWallet, a site like Skrill, or NETeller for instance. PayPal is an example of an eWallet, however, Indonesians aren’t able to use PayPal to gamble online.

Using Online eWallet’s

Many players especially players that expect to earn a continuous profit playing online poker games choose to use companies like Skrill, which used to be called MoneyBookers and NETeller for a few different reasons, one main reason is simply to keep their personal banking accounts separate from their online gambling activities.The eWallet then acts as a gateway between the funds in your poker account and the funds in your bank account. When you make a profit, you request a withdrawal, and then you receive a payment to your eWallet account. Then, you again request a withdrawal, this time though the request is from the eWallet into your personal bank account.It’s a little more drawn out, but it also adds a level of security and privacy.