Post-Performance Reviews In Poker Will Help Develop Winning Strategies

Post-Performance Reviews In Poker Will Help Develop Winning Strategies October 22, 2019 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Oct 22, 2019  |  Updated on Oct 22, 2019

The global poker market is so competitive today as the top poker pros are constantly working on their game by using multiple methods to improve their poker strategy and style of play. The top poker players in the world use mind coaches to help with their emotional well-being, hire top poker coaches to help them improve their strategy and spent countless hours watching poker videos.

Poker Performance Review

The average poker pro does not use any of the above methods because they don’t have the bankroll for high end coaching and they spend most of their time running from one poker tournament to another in the hopes of cashing at another poker table. We believe that poker pros must spend time carrying out a post-performance review as it is one of the most effective ways to find holes in your game and fix them, so that your poker strategy keeps getting better with every passing month.

What Is A Post-Performance Review?

A post-performance review is when a poker pro takes some time off to analyse their game, end results and mindset. This review ideally should be done at the end of a day’s play or at the end of a long game. However, if time constraints prevent you from doing this, then set a couple of hours aside at the end of each week, to do a post-performance review of your game.

A post-performance review will help you spot the little errors that usually go unnoticed. It will also help you learn what you could have done different to get a better result. You can carry out a post-performance review by yourself or you can team up with a poker buddy and do it together, as accountability can be helpful when carrying out post-performance reviews.

Most poker pros avoid doing post-performance reviews because they find it tedious and prefer to move on to the next game instead of analysing their past mistakes. However, if you don’t fix the holes in your game, you are going to continue making them and struggle to be consistent at winning.

How To Do A Post-Performance Review

This is not a complicated process. Set aside a time and a place each week for you to carry out your post-performance review. Give yourself a rating from 0-10 as it will help you be honest with yourself and realise that you need to work on your game. Check out the rating each week and see if your play is getting better.

Finally, work on both the mental and physical aspects of your game. Set aside time to focus on conditioning your mind and body, so that you are prepared to spend long hours at the table with strong concentration skills.

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