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Zoom Poker is a new, exciting proposition brought to you by the world's favourite poker site, PokerStars. It's just been launched and already is taking the online poker community by storm with its fast paced action and slick game-play. We're already loving Zoom Poker having played a few hundred hands on it and it's now one of the key reasons we recommend playing on PokerStars.

What is Zoom Poker?

So what exactly is it - a new type of poker? Well not as such - you're still playing Texas Hold'em or Omaha, but in a much faster way. You see, when you play a normal cash table, you sit down, and then have to wait for a hand you want to play. In the meantime, you've got to sit out and watch whilst the other hands play out and everyone takes their turn. Yep, this is the downside of online poker and for action junkies like us, we want a faster way of playing our favourite game.

This is where Zoom Poker comes in - you get dealt your cards as normal. BUT if you want to fold, you don't need to wait until it's your turn to act, you can just click on fold or 'fast fold' as it's called, and you're instantly out of that hand. You then get taken to another table. You see, rather than just being six or nine people sat at one table, you're part of a pool of players (hundreds and sometimes thousands). So each time you fold, you're moved from the table you're on, to another. Instantly.

So what happens if you've moved and you still get dealt a garbage hand? You can 'fast fold' again, as many times as you wish until you finally get dealt a hand you want to play.

Why play Zoom Poker?

The main reason we love playing Zoom Poker is that the number of hands you can play in an hour increases dramatically. If you couple playing Zoom Poker with the fact that you can play multiple tables, you can realistically see hundreds of hands in an hour which is a huge improvement on the 'regular' cash tables.

This means of course that your hourly rate you're making from poker goes up - good news for all of us but especially those of us who play poker full time for a living. As your hourly rate increases, so does your earnings of FPPs and VPPs. So as well as getting an instant increase in your poker income, you're also upping the possible rewards you can get from the points.

Zoom Poker - Two Tips

Our top two tips for doing well on Zoom Poker are - 1) Be careful with folding - it's easy when you're insta-folding to keep clicking away at the mouse but you run the risk of folding a premium hand. There's nothing worse than clicking and clicking and then realising you've just mucked Aces! So just exercise some caution and don't get too 'trigger happy' with the mouse!

Secondly, take your time when raising - this gives people time to muck marginal hands they may otherwise have called with. This eliminates people from the hand and also gives you the chance to steal the blinds. Don't always steal from the late position though - the more savvy Zoom Poker players are wise to this and will often play back at you. The occasional raise/blind steal from under the gun or from early position can work wonders if done properly. Most importantly though, have fun with it - Zoom Poker is loads of fun to play on and makes playing the best game in the world a lot more rewarding as well as taking the possible boredom factor out of waiting for hands.

You've got to hand it to PokerStars - Zoom Poker is a real game-changer for online poker. You may remember that Full Tilt Poker, when they were still around, did something similar - 'Rush Poker' - well we've played on both and this is much better. It's smoother, there are more players, more options (including three animation options) and most of all, you're playing on a site that's trustworthy and reliable.

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