Beginner to Intermediate Poker Articles

Ante's, Blinds and Limits in Poker

The ante’s blinds, and limits in a game of poker are the basics to getting the game going. They’re bets that you have to make, or amounts you’re able to make your bets within.

Poker Variations

There are several different poker variations, many of which, according to Wikipedia were created in the latter part of the 1900’s. The three most popular variations of the game include:

  1. Draw Poker
  2. Stud Poker
  3. Community Poker

Razz Poker Articles

Razz poker, which is a stud poker variant, is known as the best game for unlucky poker players. That’s because Razz poker is won with what we usually in the poker world consider to be the worst poker hand. Razz is said to be just like 7 card stud, only in reverse. Want to learn how to play Razz Poker, check out our page on that very topic.

Poker Odds Articles

Understanding the importance of poker odds is an integral part of any successful poker player’s repertoire. There are a few poker odds that come into play during every poker hand. What are the odds that your poker hand will hold up. This is something you take into consideration when you start with a pair, or you flop a hand, be it a pair, two-pair, a straight, or a flush.

The next has to do with your odds of beating someone else’s hand in the same scenario, but in reverse. If your opponent for instance has a big pair, or even a big ace, and you have to small suited cards, you need to know what the odds of your beating his hand are.

Lastly, when you’re evaluating both scenario’s above, you need to take pot odds into consideration. Pot odds have to do with the return you’re going to receive on your investment into the hand. For instance, let’s say you have TJ suited, and you flop the ten. There was no raise preflop, and the flop comes Ta2 both the ace and the two are spades, and you have a ten in your hand.

You’re also pretty sure your opponent has an Ace.

Now before you even start deciding whether or not you ‘should’ make the call with second pair and a draw, you have to take ‘ Pot Odds’ into consideration. In the hand we described above, at the $1/$3 blind level, with only the blinds in, you’ve got $4 in the pot. Let’s say that your opponent shoves his stack of $243. It’s safe to say that you don’t have the pot odds to call the draw, don’t you think?

Winning at Poker

There’s a lot to be said on the topic of actually becoming a cashing poker player, whether it be in cash poker games, or in tournaments. Our winning at Poker series will change the way you think about the game of poker, you won’t actually play to win, you’ll play to make money.

Tournament Poker Articles

The major difference between tournament poker and cash game poker is that when you’re playing tournament poker, you play until you’re either busted out of the game, or until you’ve won every last chip from every single player. Our section on tournament poker includes the basics, meaning what you need to know before playing a poker tournament, as well as some beginner tournament poker strategies.

Cash Game Poker

Also known as Ring or Live poker cash poker games are the games that you sit down and play at with chips that have an actual cash value, you get up when you want, you buy more chips when you want. This poker article will teach you what table to choose, how much to buy in for, and how to win when you’re playing cash game poker.

Basic to Intermediate Poker Strategies

Have you ever given a moment’s thought to a players posture at the poker table? To his eyes, or the frequency of his breathing? Have you thought about the body heat coming from the arm next to yours? Have you ever wondered why an online poker player that hasn’t played a hand in 20 minutes all of a sudden shoves his entire stack in pre-flop? These are all poker strategies. Sit and Go poker Strategies

A sit and go poker game is much like a multi-table tournament, on a smaller scale. If you’re playing these online, you can honestly learn adapt and create cookie cutter type sit and go poker strategies to finishing in the money every-time. Using mathematical formulas, you can learn to make a living playing online sit n go style tournaments.

History of Poker

Ever wonder what started it all? Where did this game that millions of people play every single day come from in the first place? Some say it’s China, some say it’s France, some swear it was found deep in the darkness of a gold mining tunnel. Want to know what we say? Check out our article on the history of poker.