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Week In Review January 14, 2012 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Jan 14, 2012  |  Updated on Jan 14, 2012

The past 7 days have been fairly eventful in the poker industry, and it is important that we recap on some of the action. First and foremost, the alleged criminals involved in a home burglary at poker pro Jonathan Duhamel’s residence were denied bail. The biggest twist in this story is that one of the main suspects, Bianca Rojas Latraverse, is a former girlfriend of Duhamel’s. She is the suspect facing the biggest amount of charges. Her and 2 accomplices were responsible for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of money and possessions and the fact that this crime was supposedly premeditated for a while makes the charges more severe.PartyPoker announced that it was instituting new site changes, one of which included adding an iTunes feature. This will allow music lovers to navigate through their music library without ever having to minimize your table or take your eyes off of the action. Another new change to their site is that PartyPoker will now send players email reminders of the time and date of the tournaments and events that they sign up for. All too often players forget about an event they signed up for and a lot of times paid to enter in to, being emailed by PartyPoker will be a great benefit to many players.Moving forward, we will be keeping an eye on all the action at the Aussie Millions as the eye of the poker world shifts from the Caribbean to the Outback. A lot of big name players are participating this year and there is, as always, a lot of cash to be won. We will see the difference in attendance between both the Aussie Millions and the PCA that is wrapping up. The PCA had a low attendance to begin with, but it gradually got better and was an average turnout.

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