2+2 Bloggers Critique Lock

2+2 Bloggers Critique Lock January 14, 2012 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Jan 14, 2012  |  Updated on Jan 14, 2012

Lock Poker, like many online poker sites, strives to give their members the best possible playing experience. But as with any online poker site there is always some sort of disconnect between the structure and layout of the site, and the player’s wishes. To help make this problem as diminished as possible, Lock Poker has a thread entitled “Lock Poker Suggestion Box” in which 2+2 Forums bloggers can offer up their insight.The great thing about this thread is that your voice does not go unheard. With many of the posts there is a response from a Lock Poker spokesperson who attempts to clarify the issue or offer an answer to a player’s concern. For example, one poster “jmurjeff” had concerns about a certain bonus and whether or not it was still going. Within a very short amount of time, Lock’s on site guru “LockRizen” gave him an answer to his question. Each and every week we report about a poker site doing its part in making the player’s personal experience as enjoyable as possible. By competing with other poker sites, sites like Lock are able to give you exactly what you want from a site.Not every post was about a change or a player complaint, some folks simply wanted to thank Lock for being such a great place to play. One poster even wrote, “Great that you guys got a new forum, shows a lot of effort on your part.” This is a clear signal that Lock is doing something correctly and is satisfying their players. In addition to Lock, Carbon Poker also has a thread on 2+2 which offers updates and news and also has interactive spokespeople very similar to how Lock runs their thread. A lot of sites make offering suggestions available to players, but often times these suggestions are simply ignored. Carbon Poker and Lock Poker, in combination with the 2+2 forums, are making your experience better in any way they can..

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