Signs of Life from Full Tilt Poker

Signs of Life from Full Tilt Poker April 4, 2012 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Apr 4, 2012  |  Updated on Apr 4, 2012

full tilt pokerFor months, players from around the world who have money sitting in Full Tilt Poker accounts have been waiting for signs that the site might resume operating – either on its own, somehow, or more likely through a purchase by Groupe Bernard Tapie or other investors. While there’s now new word out of GBT, however, a couple of other signs make it seem like there may be hope yet for those left hanging by Full Tilt.First, several players noticed that there was an unusual jobs posting on, a popular recruitment website in Ireland. Pocket Kings – the parent company of Full Tilt Poker – had posted a number of positions, with the majority being for customer service roles that could require multi-lingual speakers. In the postings, these jobs were described as “Customer Service Team Leaders,” and the jobs were said to be 2-3 month contract positions that “may become permanent.”That alone could have been enough to get the rumor mill buzzing, but it wasn’t the only FTP-related action that raised eyebrows in the past week or so. On March 23, Orinic Limited applied for a license to promote Full Tilt Poker to Swiss residents. Orinic is one of a number of companies in the Pocket Kings group, and while it had its operating license suspended by the Alderney Gaming Control Commission, that license was not revoked, leaving open the door to it someday being reinstated.Exactly what these developments means for FTP is unclear, and nobody involved with the company has made a statement related to these moves. However, combined with the news over the last month that a deal with GBT to purchase Full Tilt’s assets from the US government was imminent, they could be seen as signs that the site is gearing up for a return under new ownership. It seems likely that the coming days and weeks will shed more light on the future plans for the site and any potential purchase.

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