Reliable UK Online casino games

Reliable UK Online casino games May 23, 2017 Mario Alfonsi
Mario Alfonsi by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 23, 2017  |  Updated on May 23, 2017

England used to be a fairly liberal country when it comes to gambling.Sports betting, bingo, poker and casino games always have been quite common in England.Many large gambling companies settled in Britain to offer their online gambling games. Due to higher tax advantages then in the UK many online gambling companies went abroad, mostly to Gibraltar and Malta. From these countries many casinos and online casinos are operated, not only for the English market, but for the worldwide gambling market.

Like in many other countries the rules for online gambling companies that want to offer online casino games are tightened to control and monitor the suppliers.This monitoring is particularly to avoid gambling fraude at sports betting, slots, poker, bingo, etc. etc. The control and regulation of teh suppliers is also to protect the players of online casino games against malpractices to ensure that the winnings actually end up in the players account.

England will soon also start to issue licenses.These licenses will be elligable for online gambling companies located within the UK and companies abroad to be able to offer their online gambling games on the UK market.As a consumer it is extremely important to know the rules and regulations in their own country of residence regarding online casino games to ensure a reliable, trustworthy and safe gaming experience.

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