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Poker Sites 4 of a Kind Poker Hand Bonus Games May 23, 2017 Mario Alfonsi
Mario Alfonsi by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 23, 2017  |  Updated on May 23, 2017

There are some special poker games which you will often be able to pick up a range of bonus payouts when you are playing at some of our selected poker sites as list here article written by Adrian Sterne. If you choose to play poker at the poker site then when you are dealt out a 4 of a kind hand combination you may qualify for a bonus winning payout

Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure there may be a few additional questions related to playing poker online and as such below you will find a range of questions regarding playing these types of poker games and poker tournaments in general and below each question is the answers to those questions. So please read on for you may find them very in formative and helpful when you next playing poker online!

Which games have a 4 of a kind hand bonus payout?

>When you play at the poker site you will find a list of their real money ring cash tables that have this special bonus payout on offer, so make sure that those are the game you wish to play to take advantage of those additional bonus payouts!

Where are these special games available?

Currently it is only going to be at the Poker site where you are going to be able to access and play the 4 of a Kind Poker hand bonus games, and as such if you do not already have an account at that leading and licensed poker site make sure you do open an account soon!

How do I claim the bonus payout?

As soon as you are playing one of the special poker games offering this bonus payout when you get dealt a four of a kind hand then you need to email the customer support team on the email address listed on their poker promotions page and let them know you have been dealt out that and on which game you was dealt I tout!

Am I required to pay with cash or bonus funds?

It is going to be dependent on not only which online poker site you are playing at but also the type of poker tournament you are thinking of entering in regards to whether you are able to enter the poker tournaments offer at that site by paying with bonus funds you may have in your account.With that in mind you should always take a look at the entry fee requirements as listed on the tournament rules and terms and conditions page, as some poker site will let you use bonus funds to pay for your entry and some will insist that you have to use your own real money funds to pay for an entry.

What is the bonus winning payout valued at?

You will be awarded with bonus payout of $40 when you are dealt out a four of a kind hand combination when playing the selected poker games. That bonus payout will be added to your poker site account as soon as you have made contacted with the customer support team at the site and they have then verified that hand has been dealt out to you.

Is there a way to avoid the high buy in fees?

The direct entry and buy in fee into each of the high cash prize paying online poker tournaments may seem a little expensive to some poker players, and you may be put off playing in them due to the high cost of entering some of them.However, do be aware that you will often find in the days or even weeks running up to a major and high paying online poker tournament a set of satellite poker tournaments will be made available, and they offer you a way to win an entry into those major poker tournaments by paying in a much lower cost tournament.

How soon should I claim the bonus payout?

You are going to have up to 24 hours to make your claim for the bonus winning payout, however you should try and claim it as soon as you can so it gets added to your account quickly!

How many times can I enter?

You are only allowed to have one single account at all poker sites and as such you are only going to be able to enter a poker tournament one single time. However, many poker tournaments will let you enter poker tournaments additional times if you pay an addition free such as a re-buy fee.With that in mind if you do find you get knocked out of a poker tournament you are eager to win, then consider paying that additional fee to carry on playing in it! The tournament rules are where you will find out if you can carry on playing once knocked out!

How long does it take to get paid my tournament winnings?

As soon as the final hand in this poker tournament has been dealt out and the result of that game is known then the tournament will come to a close and the final player positions will be displayed on the poker tournament leader board.You will then be paid out any winnings more or less instantly once the final results are displayed on the poker tournament leader board. The winnings will then be credited to your account instantly and you will find they do not come with any play through requirements.

Is Neteller Accepted?

You will be able to use the web wallet Neteller to make a deposit into your poker site account if you wish to take part in this type of poker tournament. However, if you are experiencing any type of problems you will also find a range of additional payment options are available.Many US based players then to use a prepaid card as they have some of the best success rates of any banking option, however no matter at which of our featured poker sites you choose you will have plenty of additional banking options available.

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