PokerStars’ New Active Waiting List Aims To Eliminate Bumhunting

PokerStars’ New Active Waiting List Aims To Eliminate Bumhunting October 1, 2020 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Oct 1, 2020  |  Updated on Oct 1, 2020

PokerStarsPokerStars has introduced a fresh feature that will protect its customers from predatory practices as it continues to see innovative ways to provide its players with a better gaming experience. The new “Active Waiting List” is designed to encourage and promote engagement and action, and preventing some players from going after low-skilled, less-experienced opponents.

Additionally, the new system also increases the number of games running, therefore, eliminating the need for cash game players to wait longer for a seat.

How It Works

The Active Waiting List adopts the waiting list approach in live games, where players waiting for a seat in the main game get themselves involved in a secondary game. There’s no idle time, as they play in some sort of a warm-up game before heading to the bigger battle.

With the new system at PokerStars, players on the waiting list will now be required to play on another table before they can be allocated a seat in the full game. The secondary games will still have the same format and stakes as the main game.

Fairer Online Poker Lobby

While the Active Waiting List aims to mirror the waiting list policy in the live poker arena, not all aspects have been adopted, including the “first come first served” rule. This is because waiting lists in online cash games can suddenly grow in a span of seconds. So regardless if you’re first in line, PokerStars will initiate a draw among all waiting players as soon as a seat becomes vacant at your preferred table.

You still have an edge if you’re early on the list though, because PokerStars has designed the draw in favor of players who have been engaged in action for longer on their respective waiting tables.

You will not want to sit out while waiting as the new system will prioritize those who are actively playing while waiting for their seats. So you now need to participate in a secondary game to be eligible for a seat.

Players who are actually not waiting for another game or do not intend to join any target table can play in the waiting tables as they wish. If you’re keen on taking part in your target game, make sure not to leave your waiting table as you will immediately be dropped from the waiting list.

While PokerStars acknowledges that the changes will disappoint those who utilize waiting lists for the objective of seeking out weaker players, the site said their main goal is to level the playing field and nurture the online poker environment by protecting recreational/casual players. PokerStars is open to feedback and will likely introduce additional features soon.

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