PokerStars Mobile in Italy

PokerStars Mobile in Italy November 30, 2011 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Nov 30, 2011  |  Updated on Nov 30, 2011

When scanning over the numbers recently, PokerStars realized there was a whole new audience that they, and most other sites, have yet to tap into. Italians lead the European continent in smartphone usage, and PokerStars mobile was simply an undeniably good venture.There of course are a few requirements and limitations which may leave some folks ineligible. For one, in order to use the client a user must have an iTunes account that can be back up by a major credit card. In addition to that, a user must have an Italian mailing address as well as a account.This project has been in the developing stages for over 2 years, and features cash games as well as tournament play. The rest of the world is waiting eagerly for the day that this application goes global, which remains unannounced.PokerStars already has a very solid fan base in Italy, so it is no wonder that they released the application client there first. leads Italy in both online tournament and cash games, and they consistently douse the competition. A statistic to take home with you is that sees almost 4,000 tournament players in a single day. is also ranked in the top 10 poker sites in the world, they currently sit in 7th. Celebrating its 10th year in operation, PokerStars is offering this application as well as a bunch more great offers. Another one of its great promotions is the Sunday Million, which is being held on Sunday December, 18th. The winner is guaranteed at least $2 million, and the buy-in is still a low $215. Go to PokerStars for more information on these and other great promos.The best way to find out for yourself just how great PokerStars really is, is by logging on and seeing for yourself.

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