Nevada Accepting Gaming License Applications

Nevada Accepting Gaming License Applications November 29, 2011 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Nov 29, 2011  |  Updated on Nov 29, 2011

Starting in February, the Nevada Gaming Control Board will be accepting applications for online poker rooms. This is a preemptive measure, but after it has begun they will quickly work out any kinks in the process. Mark Lipparelli, who is the head of Nevada’s Gaming Control Board, said that any companies that already retain a license, brick-and-mortar casinos for example, will be taken through the application process as quickly and pain-free as possible.One of the many requirements for the successful application is that a company or interested party must show, without a doubt, that their technology is able to prevent play from any minors. This is one of the most hotly contested items in legalizing online poker in the US.If you are a brand new entity with aspirations of becoming a big online poker room in Nevada, you may want to put those thoughts on hold for n Even though facilities that already have a license will go through the application process quickly, the same doesn’t apply for those that do not. In fact, a new prospective site may have to wait a few months before going live, or simply finding out whether their application was approved or not.Clearly something like this should be greeted as good news, but is also important to understand that this most immediately effects Nevada residents only. By this I mean that it will be an intrastate online poker network, not one that spans over many states or even a nation. In order for the entirety of the US to be legally playing online poker, Congress would have to pass a law saying that it is ok. Prospects are looking better than ever though, as most states have already attempted action to legalize online poker, and many others have plans in the works.

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