PokerStars Contemplating Introducing New US Rewards System

PokerStars Contemplating Introducing New US Rewards System December 16, 2021 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Dec 16, 2021  |  Updated on Dec 16, 2021


  • The new rewards program was rolled out in October across the global markets
  • PokerStars’ three US markets still use the old rewards program
  • US players could soon enjoy the new program which awards up to 65% cashback

In October, PokerStars rolled out its new rewards program that allows players to earn up to 65% cashback.

The online poker giant introduced a major revamp of the system in line with player feedback, returning the focus on volume-based play.

The new rewards program is currently available to most of PokerStars’ global clients, including .com, .bg, .es, .ee, .eu, .pt, .fr, .sh, .ro, and .uk. The one market that’s been left out is the US.

The rewards program has been running for over two months now, but US players have yet to enjoy it, with the old rewards program still in effect across PokerStars’ three US markets.

While the online poker site hasn’t provided any timeline yet for a US rollout, it’s almost certain that the new system will also be introduced in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and here’s what players can expect:

The Same Tiers and Chests

The revamped program still uses the same six VIP tiers – Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Black. The new system also covers all of PokerStars products – PokerStars, Fox Bet, and Stars Casino. Like the old program, players need to earn points to open Chests that award cash prizes. The points earn rate also remains fixed at 100 points per $1.

Fixed Rewards of up to 25%

Players can earn up to 25% in rewards through the main program. The new system has a fixed target for players to unlock each chest and move up the tiers. The chest value is also fixed.

Additional Rewards Via Monthly Poker Challenges

Apart from the 25% that players can earn in the main program, they can earn an additional 40% cashback by taking part in Monthly Poker Challenges (MPC). Currently, players in the Silver tier and higher are enjoying this extra reward. The same could apply to US players, though PokerStars may also introduce slight changes.

All US markets still use the old system, but PokerStars PA’s Rewards page currently shows an updated banner containing the same logo now being used on the global rewards program. This means the new program could be made available to PA players, and eventually to customers in NJ and MI soon.

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