Pennsylvania Poker Pros Can Set Up A Home Game At PokerStars PA

Pennsylvania Poker Pros Can Set Up A Home Game At PokerStars PA April 6, 2020 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Apr 6, 2020  |  Updated on Apr 6, 2020

PennsylvaniaIn Pennsylvania, public establishments, including casinos, have been temporarily closed, and more recently, state officials issued an order for all Pennsylvanians across 67 counties to stay at home, unless they have urgent or essential matters to attend to outside. The order is in place until the end of April due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

So what does this mean for poker players and fans in the Keystone State? Well, they will have to stay home for the duration of the lockdown, but they can still play online via PokerStars PA. Those who like home poker games in particular will be delighted to know that the classic feature is also now available on PokerStars PA.

Introduced in January 2011, Home Games is among PokerStars’ oldest features, allowing players to exclusively play with friends and loved ones by setting up private games on the site, though Americans may have had limited experience of the feature because of Black Friday.

If you are currently playing from Pennsylvania, you can now set up private real-money games with other players within the state. Take note though that the real-money option is only available for players within Pennsylvania. If you want to play with your friends who are outside the state, you can do so for play money only.

In order to set up your first Home Game on PokerStars PA, refer to the quick guide below.



Quick Steps

Upon logging into your account, go to the right hand side of the app, where you’ll see the Leader Board, Settings, Tools and Help buttons. You can explore more choices by clicking on the three dots located at the bottom part, below the Help button. Upon clicking, the Home Games feature will then appear. Once you’ve selected Home Games, you can now create your own Poker Club, invite others to join, and create cash games or tournaments.

When creating a poker club, you need to have create a Club Name as well as an Invitation Code. You can choose any club name you like, however it will be subject for approval from the site. The invitation code will serve as the password for players to join your home games. Once you’re done, tick the box as a sign that you’ve read and agreed with the terms and conditions.

You can then invite players to join your home game by giving them your Club ID number and Invitation Code. Upon receiving this two essential info, the invited players can quickly join by going to Home Games and clicking “Join A Poker Club“.

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