New Jersey Online Casinos – Allowing State Wide Gambling

New Jersey Online Casinos – Allowing State Wide Gambling May 23, 2017 Mario Alfonsi
Mario Alfonsi by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 23, 2017  |  Updated on May 23, 2017

One question on a lot of online gambling spectators and commentators mind is that will New Jersey become some sort of gambling hub, whereby online casinos that have been licensed and fully approved by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission allow and permit those sites to offer their services to gamblers living in other US States.

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This is something that a lot of CEO’s whose online casinos have recently been awarded an online gaming license and permit are hoping will be permitted to happen, however one of the major hurdles in regards to US State wide online casino gambling will of course be how can other US States actually benefit, in some form of financial sense from a State wide law.

With taxable incomes from online casinos operating in New Jersey at this moment in time being an unknown quantity in as much as no one really knows just how much cash in going to be generated and as such time will tell whether they actually make the kinds of turnover, profit and ultimately provide a constant stream of tax for that US State, it would appear as though it will be a case of wait and see.

However if some form of State wide online casino regulation can be put into place then this will enable other States to possibly earn a small yet not insignificant tax revenue stream, and this will probably happen by New Jersey Casinos offering a small cut of the profits from customer based in other US States when they have been gambling on their online casino sites.

The technology required to determine where a customer logged onto any New Jersey approved online casino site already is in place, for currently only customers in the New Jersey State boundaries are permitted to play at such sites, and by pressing the powers that be to open up the current restrictions on online casino gambling and allowing anyone in the US to gamble at New Jersey State approved casinos then it is only fair other US States will be able to earn a taxable revenue stream for their citizens online gambling.

The online casinos currently approved by Nevada are in fact permitted to advertise and offer their services to customers and gamblers based in Delaware and as such the possibility for multiple US States to be able to play at casinos licensed in other US States is already a very real possibility and as such we are going to stick our necks out and say that during 2014 we expect to see New Jersey approved online casinos being offered as places where gamblers in other US States will be able to legally play all manner of casino games online in a real money environment.

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