Legal online poker sites – Choosing the best online poker sites

Legal online poker sites – Choosing the best online poker sites May 23, 2017 Mario Alfonsi
Mario Alfonsi by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 23, 2017  |  Updated on May 23, 2017

The world of online poker is finally changing, no longer is it the wild west out there, where you will be taking all manner of risks by playing poker for real money, thanks to many licensing jurisdictions finally pulling their heads out of the sand you now have a vast array of fully legal and licensed online poker sites at your disposal and as such there really has been no better time for you to start playing poker online!Here is an interesting article written by Paul Butcher where he is talking about the legal Poker sites in USA as well as list of best poker sites for this year.Online poker is vast approaching its 20th birthday, and as such much like anyone who is coming out of their teenage years this very popular pass time has suffered from some up and downs over the last couple of decades, and one could write a book about all of the scandals that has occurred in the online poker playing world!However will more and more governments of the world now seeking ways of increasing their tax incomes many countries have now been putting together a framework whereby they can license online poker sites and at the same time regulate these sites so as their citizens can play with complete peace of mind quite legally but at the same time raise some much needed cash for their respective government by way of taxes and licensing fees charged by these licensing jurisdictions.Many online poker licensing authorities have had very chequered careers, and it is very true to say that many such poker licensing authorities have not really have a solid set of standards and codes of ethics that ensures all poker players choosing to play online have a level playing field.However all that has now changed and if you are wishing to play poker online, and are, as any poker playing will be, seeking completely fair and honest poker games, the best poker software platforms, and guaranteed on time cash out whenever you have made a withdrawal from an online poker site then we recommend that you put in place a little checklist in regards to which online poker sites that you play at.There are many legal online poker sites depending on just which country of the world you live in, for some countries are happy for their citizens to play at any online poker site as long as that site is licensed by a recognised licensing jurisdiction, whilst some countries have put in place their own licensing and online gaming laws and as such you can only play poker at sites they license.It is still something of a mine field out there in regards to which poker sites at which you can play at depending on where it is in the world you live and reside, however for the best online poker playing experience we suggest you still to playing poker at any poker site that holds a full and valid gaming license from places such as the UK, Gibraltar, Kahnawake or Malta for these places have the best regulatory process in place and as such they are fully equipped to ensure sites licensed by these jurisdictions are worthy of your custom.Be aware that USA based online poker players are slowly finding several US Sates are now issuing online poker licensed to poker and gaming companies, and as such if you live in places such as Nevada or New Jersey then looking out for online poker sites licensed by these respective US States licensing authorities for you will be able to play legal poker online and as such will never experience any kind of problems at site holding such poker licenses!You should never play online poker at sites that are no licensed by a recognised licensing authority for if you do then you have no protection what so ever should anything go wrong!

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