Negreanu Wants Poker Operators to Ban Imsirovic For Being A Cheat

Negreanu Wants Poker Operators to Ban Imsirovic For Being A Cheat March 10, 2023 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Mar 10, 2023  |  Updated on Mar 10, 2023

Daniel Negreanu and Ali ImsirovicSummary

  • Imsirovic has been making headlines over the past two years over cheating allegations
  • He is currently banned from GGPoker and all PokerGO Tour events
  • Daniel Negreanu wants all operators to ban Imsirovic

Ali Imsirovic is reportedly continuing his unscrupulous practices despite being banned from GGPoker and PokerGO Tour over allegations of cheating.

That’s according to Daniel Negreanu who recently took to social media to call on all operators both live and online to ban the Bosnian-American poker pro.

Imsirovic Continues To Rely On Cheating

Imsirovic is a prominent figure in the world of poker, especially in the high-stakes circuit where he has achieved significant success as a player. According to his Hendon Mob profile, Imsirovic has so far won more than $18.6 million in live tournament cashes, putting him on the Top 50 All-Time Money List. That figure does not include the huge sums he has amassed over the years playing online poker.

Given his impressive skills, Imsirovic can still do a lot and achieve greater things in the future. But his reputation as a poker player has now been tainted with allegations of cheating and collusion and Negreanu’s call to have him banned indefinitely from all poker games and tournaments could cost him his career.

Imsirovic’s alleged cheating practices were exposed in late 2021 when reports surfaced that GGPoker permanently banned him for using real-time assistance (RTA) tools while playing on the platform, which is against the site’s rules. In September 2022, the PokerGO Tour (PGT) announced that it had indefinitely suspended Imsirovic and Jake Schindler from all PGT events.

The suspension follows a successful 2021 for Imsirovic during which he won 14 high roller tournaments, earning him both the GPI and PGT Player of the Year titles.

With those heavy punishments, one would assume that Imsirovic would do everything to rebuild his reputation. But that’s not the case. Sources say the 28-year-old is still at it, robbing other players of their hard-earned money, but this time on unregulated sites, including Americas Cardroom. Imsirovic is still employing the same tactic, such as RTAs and multi-accounting, to deceive his opponents.

Negreanu’s Tweet Sparks Call for Strong Measures to Detect Cheaters

From being hailed as one of the world’s best poker players, Imsirovic is now being labeled an unremorseful cheater, with Negreanu saying that the high-stakes poker pro will likely struggle to save his career because of his actions.

Following Negreanu’s tweet, several other poker pros chimed in on the conversation, including Matt Berkey who said online operators should do more to prevent cheaters from infiltrating their platforms, suggesting the mandatory use of AI-based RTA detection systems.

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