Lock Poker Best Merge Poker Site

Lock Poker Best Merge Poker Site March 11, 2012 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Mar 11, 2012  |  Updated on Mar 11, 2012

Lock Poker Voted Best Merge Poker Site

The year 2012 may only be a month or two under way, but that does not mean it is too early to give a site some praise. So far in this year, Lock Poker has been pleasing players in just about every area possible. Their updated site graphics make for much more realistic game play and the fact that they have been on top of the promotion game are just two reasons why players think Lock Poker is the best poker skin on the Merge Poker Network.In this day in age, and especially with the type of restrictions that face online poker sites who still offer services to US-based players, most people have simply come to terms with the fact that their payout may take up to a few weeks to complete on most sites. Lock Poker flips that idea on its head because if you request a withdrawal from Lock, you can expect to be paid in a few hours. If they do not pay you immediately you can be assured that your wait will not be longer than a day.

Carbon Poker Slipping

Carbon Poker, another Merge skin, is on the other end of the spectrum in the early running in 2012. Their bonuses and promotions have been sparse and lacking this year and the issue of payouts is growing by the day. Carbon Poker has been making some players wait excessive periods of time before paying them their funds, and that is really annoying. The word on the street is that payouts from Carbon can take such a long time that it can be over a month before you ever see any of your winnings.

The importance of quick payouts

As poker players, we expect the poker sites we play on to allow us to withdraw in a timely fashion and LOCK POKER had stepped up to the plate and now pays directly to your ewallet within two hours. Affiliates and players have really appreciated this big improvement and thus Toptenpokersites.org has voted them the best merge poker site so far for 2012. Hopefully Carbon can use this example and do whats right for players and speed up their slack.

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