Justin Bonomo Wins His First GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title

Justin Bonomo Wins His First GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title February 11, 2021 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Feb 11, 2021  |  Updated on Feb 11, 2021

Justin BonomoThe GGPoker Super MILLION$ has crowned its newest champion. American poker pro Justin Bonomo triumphed in the latest edition of the tournament, taking home $430,646 in first-place prize.

Bonomo’s latest victory represents his fifth cash and his second final table in the Super MILLION$. In November 2020, he finished third in the tournament for $221,477.

The final table kicked off with Russian player “RRomashka” leading the chips. Swedish pro Astedt began the day as the short stack and he also became the first player to leave the table.



Petrangelo opened with king-queen, and Astedt pushed all of his remaining chips in the middle with ace-jack. Petrangelo called and the board gave him top-two to bust Astedt in ninth place for $53,381. It was the ninth Super MILLION$ final table for the Swedish online star.

Mexico’s “Face-O” was eliminated next. He moved all-in with pocket tens, but they were eventually defeated by the runner-runner backdoor flush of “OscarBrown“. “Face-O” took home $69,810 for finishing eighth.

DaanOss” moved all in with queen-ten, and both Bonomo who held jack-ten and “OscarBrown” who had ace-nine made the call. “OscarBrown” made top pair with an ace on the turn and won the pot, almost tripling up. At the same time, “DaanOss” had to settle for seventh place with $90,532 in winnings.

The next to go was David Yan. The poker pro from New Zealand shoved with ace-seven off-suit, but it failed to hold against Petrangelo’s ace-queen. Yan took home $117,406 for his sixth-place finish. Shortly after that, it was Martirosian’s turn to leave, his ace-four running into Bonomo’s ace-eight. The Russian crusher walked away with $153,256 in fifth-place prize, bringing his total Super MILLION$ earnings to more than $1.3 million.

Four-handed play began with “RRomashka” still in the lead. His closest rival was Bonomo, and both were separated by over 2 million in chips. “OscarBrown” was eventually eliminated in fourth place after a thrilling bout with “RRomashka“. His fourth-place finish earned him his first Super MILLION$ cash worth $197,452.

With three players left, Petrangelo became the short stack, with both Bonomo and “RRomashka” holding nearly equal stacks. Petrangelo moved all-in with king-jack. Bonomo shoved with ace-king and “RRomashka” folded. Petrangelo found no further help from the board, ending his bid in third place for $256,064.

Heads-Up Battle

By the time heads-up play began, Bonomo climbed to the top of the chip counts and never looked back from there. The final hand saw the eventual winner limping the button with six-five, but “RRomashka” was faring better pre-flop with an off-suit king-eight.

Things started to change after the flop and this time Bonomo bet to 250,000. “RRomashka” check-raised to 1 million and Bonomo called with middle pair. The American poker pro made trips with six on the turn. With four on the river, “RRomashka” shoved and Bonomo quickly called to bust his opponent in second place for $332,073.

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