Duhamel Suspects Denied Bail

Duhamel Suspects Denied Bail January 12, 2012 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Jan 12, 2012  |  Updated on Jan 12, 2012

This ongoing story of Canadian poker pro Jonathan Duhamel being robbed has taken a few interesting twists and turns, especially since we found out that the person behind the robbery was one of Duhamel’s ex -girlfriends. Yesterday, Canadian Judge Pierre Belisle denied a request for bail by both Bianca Rojas Latraverse and her accomplice John Clark. One of the other men, Anthony Bourque, was able to post his $5,000 bail, but he is ordered to live at his father’s house until the trial starts.The fact that the bail request was turned down is really not surprising at all because this crime was premeditated and at points got violent. In justification of his denial of the perpetrators’ bail, Judge Pierre Belisle offered explanation, saying, “The crime was heinous, planned structured and committed in cold blood.” An especially shocking crime to be committed by a former lover of the victim. I am sure that circumstances would be much different if this were no more than a small robbery, but this was anything but small. The criminals made away with over $100,000 and a bunch of valuable personal items like a WSOP Bracelet and a limited edition custom Rolex Watch. If that was not enough, the men who entered his house used enough force for Duhamel to make a trip to the hospital. Duhamel suffered nothing more than minor injuries and was quickly released.Mr. Clark’s bail denial was justified because he has been in trouble with the law recently and the judge doesn’t want the public having to deal with his actions anymore. In the case of Latraverse the judge was very stern and said, “as the conspirator, (Latraverse) has to take responsibility for her actions.”It does not look like this whole ordeal has thrown Duhamel off his game significantly because he has already amassed over $500,000 in winnings at the ongoing PCA at the Atlantis Hotel & Resort in the Bahamas.

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