2023 SCOOP Big Hit With Poker Players As Over $45m Given Away

2023 SCOOP Big Hit With Poker Players As Over $45m Given Away May 23, 2023 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 23, 2023  |  Updated on May 23, 2023

Spring Championship of Online PokerSummary

  • PokerStars gets a strong response for 2023 SCOOP
  • Over $45 million in prize money has been given away
  • The three SCOOP Main Events are still yet to take place

PokerStars has made it a habit of having a lot of success with its Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) series that runs every year and the 2023 edition has been no different.

The 2023 SCOOP which is still underway has so far registered impressive numbers and is on its way to being one of the most successful editions for the online poker giant.

Over $45 Million In Prize Money Given Out

PokerStars has earned its reputation of being the number one online poker room in the world for years because it puts together massive poker tournaments like the 2023 SCOOP which has already registered over 750,000 entries and there’s still a few days left as SCOOP will run till 31 May.

PokerStars has already paid out over $45 million in prize money so far and there’s still a lot of money to be given away as the combined guaranteed prize pool for 2023 SCOOP is a whopping $75 million.

SCOOP 33-L: $11 NLHE [8-Max Progressive KO Saturday KO] was one of the top events in the poker festival so far as it registered just under 19,000 entries which resulted in the guaranteed prize pool going up by over 26% as it brought in more than $190,000 than the guaranteed prize money.

Three games at 2023 SCOOP have surpassed 7 figures in prize money with the SCOOP 04-M: $215 NLHE [Progressive KO Sunday Million] registering the most impressive numbers as it brought in over 40% than the guaranteed $1 million in prize money. The event saw more than 7,000 player registrations that saw a total of $1.4 million in prize money given away.

Three Main Events With Over $11 Million

The 2023 SCOOP which also took place in Ontario appeals to a wide range of poker players as it has three buy-in levels for low, mid and high stakes players. As of this writing, 73 out of the total 121 events have taken place. Since each of the 121 events have three levels, a total of 219 games will take place during the 2023 SCOOP.

The three Main Events will be the highlight of 2023 SCOOP with a total of $11 million in prize money guaranteed across the three events.

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