Mac Poker Sites

If you're looking to play poker from a Macintosh Computer, you have two popular options. The first choice is to play on a website that offers an instant play version that compatible with Macintosh brand computers. These are pretty common, and offered by most poker sites.

The 2nd option is a download version of the poker sites software that is more than just playable on Mac; it's downloadable to the Mac. For most players, this is the most preferable option. However, surprisingly enough, Macintosh is the 2nd largest provider of computers in the world. The company (Apple) that initially became popular largely because it was not mainstream has now become more mainstream than what many consider mainstream.

Yet, there are still many multi-million dollar online poker sites that don't offer download version of their software for Macintosh computers.

Now above we said you had 2 options right? Two 'popular' options. There is indeed a 3rd option. If you're of the more tech savvy variety, you can actually use a work-around that will make your computer compatible with the poker sites, rather than making the poker sites compatible with your computer. There are a few ways to do this. We'll delve into this topic more below:

Mac Poker Download

Poker sites that offer a download for Macintosh computers are the most popular amongst Mac poker users. These software clients are similar to the windows versions of the same games. Mac software installations generally take less than a minute to get set up. Set up works just like it does in Windows versions, and in most cases Mac clients feature the same bells and whistles, including sound effects, and top notch graphics as their Windows counterparts.

The first poker site to ever offer a downloadable client to Mac poker players was actually Full Tilt Poker, currently not in business. Not long after, the company that recently purchased Full Tilt, PokerStars followed up with their own Macintosh Download offering.

Poker Sites that offer a Downloadable Mac Client

Instant Play Mac Poker Sites

Poker sites that don't have a downloadable version of their software available for Macintosh, the world's 2nd largest operating system, oftentimes offer an instant-play no-download version of their software. These sites offer a version of the poker site that is played from directly within your internet browser, so long as that browser is compatible with the poker site.

This method of connecting to online poker sites isn't just popular with Mac users; it's also a common connection choice for mobile poker players that are logging on from iPod's, iPad's, Android phones and other mobile devices.

As long as the device you're using to connect to the Internet is compatible with the instant-play no-download required poker site, you're on your way to the poker table. Back before mobile poker was even heard of, Party Poker dubbed their instant play software "Anywhere Poker" because you didn't have to be at home on a Windows computer to play, you could play poker online at Party Poker from anywhere you could log onto the Internet. Even at the university library, on a Mac.

Instant-Play Mac Compatible Sites

Playing Online Poker using Wine Macintosh Software

Wine HQ makes it possible for Macintosh users to download and play at poker sites that are otherwise only compatible with Windows computers. Make sure you have the latest version of Wine. Not every version of Wine is compatible with every poker site, for instance, Everest Poker requires at least Wine 1.1.22.

Wine and other software options similar to Wine are available directly from the Wine HQ website, as well as from

Poker Sites Compatible Using Wine

Online Poker via PC Emulator

Another way to play your favorite online poker games from a Macintosh computer is basically to get your Mac to act like a PC, via a PC emulator. PC Emulators are designed to operate software that is just not Macintosh compatible. There are quite a few PC emulators for Mac available on the market, including two popular choices, virtual PC and iEmulator. There are downsides to using emulators however, one of which is that the use of these programs has been known to slow down Mac computers considerably. Another is well, if you wanted a MAC, why would you want it to act like a PC?