Indian Poker Sites

by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 24, 2017  |  Updated on May 24, 2017

India is actually officially called the Republic of India, or in Indian, Bharat Ganrajya. India is located in Southern Asia and is home to more than 1.2billion people, making It the 2nd most populated country in the world. India is also the utmost populated democracy in the world.India is bordered by the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal. The country also shares borders with Pakistan, Nepal, China, Bhutan, Burma, and Bangladesh.The official languages of India are both the Hindu language and the English language. The official Indian currency is the Indian Rupee which is also identified by the letters INR.

Indian Rupee Poker Sites

Indian poker players are accepted at several online poker sites, however there are no poker sites that accept Rupee deposits per say. There are also not any poker sites that offer play in Rupee at this time. There are however plenty of websites that welcome poker players from India.

Indian Poker Tax

According to tax law in India all of the following most be declared:”Winnings from lotteries, crosswords puzzles, races including horse races, card games and other games of any sort or gambling or betting of any form or nature whatsoever”It’s never been decided in a court of law whether or not poker in India could be considered a business, however, a similar decision was made by learned judges of the High Court of Madras in a horse betting (punting) case. “All we need say, and do say in this case, is that prima facie at least gambling by betting on horses cannot be viewed as a business, though a person indulges in it habitually and even makes money by it. Strong evidence would be needed to establish that racing and betting activities constituted a business or one of the lines of business of a person. “

Well Known Indian Poker Players

There are more than 400 players on the Hendon Mob’s list of all-time money earners from India. The player at the top of the list, Vivek Rajkumar has accumulated nearly $4.5 million dollars playing poker to date.

  • Vivek Rajkumar
  • Pulkit Kalia
  • Kunal
  • Aadarsh Limbu
  • Karan Jain
  • Shridhar Kumar
  • Ramandeep Gujral
  • Ishan Panjwani
  • Sumit Sapra
  • Rishad Badami

Indian Deposit and Withdrawal Options

An entire article could be written on the subject of making deposits to poker sites in India, and then getting your bankroll back off of a poker site. For now though, we’ll cover a few brief options that should get you going.

Depositing with Skrill from India

The trouble with making deposit’s to poker accounts from India using a Skrill account involves the way the account’s set up. If you sign up for a Skrill account and you say during sign up that you won’t be using your card to make poker deposits, the card won’t work at gambling sites. If you sign up for your card and say that you do indeed plan to make deposits into your poker accounts, then the bank won’t let you use the card. It’s a conundrum, but a conundrum with a solution… If your buddy, wife, neighbor, or whomever else sets up an account that won’t be used in conjunction with any poker accounts, and transfers you money to your card that is used for gambling purposes, the bank will allow you to upload the funds, and you will be able to process deposits to gambling accounts.There will be fees involved using this method of course. Skrill charges an account transfer fee of around 1%. In addition you’ll probably pay withdrawal fees, as well as currency exchange fees. You can save money by using a USD based Skrill account since your poker accounts are generally in either USD or Euro’s anyway, but we’ll save all those neat tips and tricks for another day.