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Many of us began growing this love for poker in a free poker league, perhaps held at a bar or other bowling alley, where we won gift certificates for winning tournaments and collected points in effort to make our way to bigger better league events, and win our way into real money tournaments. Other's found their love for poker on sites like Facebook, where Zynga Poker has become the world's largest online poker site.

Can you Play Real Money Poker on Facebook?

At this time, you cannot play real money poker on Facebook, though only recently (March 2013) Zynga, confirmed the possibility that the company may consider that avenue in the future. In fact, Zynga announced the introduction of a new proprietary online poker client that will be playable at Poker players won't have to log into Facebook at all to get to this new site. However for now, it's Facebook credits and no real money at Zynga.

Playing Real Money Poker Games Online

For most of the world, there are several real money poker games to choose from on the Internet. For some countries however, finding a legally operating online poker site, with a stellar reputation, that caters to poker players from your country can be tricky.

Real Money Poker in Europe

Finding a good real money poker site in Europe or Latin America is almost a catch22, there are far fewer restrictions on online gambling in those places making it very easy to find a poker site that accepts players from the countries within and deposits in the preferred currency.

However, with all of these options, hundreds of them literally, there are bound to be a few bad apples in the bunch, in addition to that, imagine the bonus offers! Did you imagine them? Now imagine us weeding out the junk offers that are nearly impossible to clear, and helping you take advantage of the best bonus offers out there. Yeah, we do that. Press ctrl d on your keyboard and bookmark this page.

Best Real Money Poker Sites in Europe

Real Money Poker in Canada

Have you ever asked yourself this question: Is online poker illegal in Canada? Perhaps, and we're not lawyers so we can't say it's not. In fact, we can't give you any legal advice at all. We can say that almost every online poker site out there, even the publicly traded poker sites accept deposits from Canadian's. There are indeed Canadian provinces moving toward the regulation of online gambling, which is helping the industry by introducing more Canadian deposit methods.

Best Real Money Poker Sites in Canada

United States Real Money Poker Sites Online

There are still websites available that specifically cater to the United States poker market, in fact, they've even found legal ways to do business with poker players, without using United States banks, and without money laundering, etc.

Best Real Money Poker Sites in USA

  • Bovada Poker
  • Carbon Poker

How to Fund Your Real Money Poker Account in the United States

Credit Cards

Some credit cards can still be used to make deposits to real money poker sites. However, if your card is not accepted, don't despair; there are other ways to fund real money poker games that do not violate the UIGEA.

Western Union Real Money Deposits

Using Western Union is pretty simple, head to a cash connection or other Western Union shop or place that accepts Western Union payments, Wal-Mart for instance, and send your poker site some cash. Check with the room first, and they'll tell you all of the information you'll need to send the deposit.

MoneyGram Real Money Deposits

MoneyGram works just like Western Union, they're sort of the Burger King to Western Union's McDonald's. Just another option, generally the choice between the two is made by whichever is closest to your home, or has the lowest fees for cashing out.

Rapid Transfer Real Money Deposits

This is a service offered by Bovada (which you probably know of as Bodog).

American Express Real Money Deposits

There aren't that many online poker sites left that accept Amex deposits, but if they're out there, then this works just like any credit card deposit.

Wire Transfer Real Money Deposits

You go into your bank and wire the money across to the real money site's account that you want to play at.

Remember whichever option you choose, check out our review of the site, or talk to the sites accounting department to find out the particulars. Going to your local Western Union and simply telling them you want to put real money on your account at Lock Poker for instance just won't get you very far.

What Happened to Real Money Poker Sites in the USA - Politicians

One such country is the United States, where the Government openly admitted their views of poker as immoral, and an ignorant Alaskan Senator; Ted Stevens accused poker of clogging the Internet tubes. All of these things however couldn't keep American's from playing real money poker in their homes, after all, this is America, and we're free here to do with our cash and our extra time as we please right? Wrong.

Imagine yourself playing poker for real money, imagine that you've just missed your draw, and shoved your stack. Your opponent however also missed his draw, and now only has a pair of two's to your Ace-High. You have a huge stack of chips that represent real cash, so does he.

What's the one thing that could go wrong here? You could expose your hand, he'd see you have just ace high, he'd snap call, and you'd lose.

Black Friday Further Complicates Life for Real Money Poker Players

On April 18th 2011 owners of Absolute Poker (a known crooked real money poker site), Full Tilt Poker, and PokerStars were all arrested, the sites shut down, and the domains (meaning the website addresses) were seized (stolen) by the United States Government. The F.B.I alleged that all of these companies laundered money to get around the UIGEA which makes some financial transactions between banks and real money poker sites illegal.

There were some reports of players cashing out and receiving their checks from florists in the United States, or dating websites, and other crafty businesses that had nothing to do with the cash poker sites. So, in a basically, the US Government had the world's largest poker sites by the ... nuts.

Real Money Pokersites Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and PokerStars leave the US Market

It was like a shot to the head for the poker industry. In one day flat, the United States Government forced these big pokersites to make a deal to regain their domain names, and leave the United States poker market. With it, a major U.S. industry died. Real money poker television shows like Fox's "The Big Game" and NBC's "Poker After Dark" were canceled.

UIGEA Attacks Freedom of Banks to do Business with Real Money Online Poker Sites

That's sort of what happened to our game when Obama hit the white house, spouting off about the importance of the national security bill. The starched suits that like to impose their moral values on all of America knew how important this bill was to Obama, the could have put anything in with it, due to the fact that the president is not allowed to veto a portion of a bill without vetoing the bill in its entirety.

Obama showed his hand, and as a result, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed on the back of the Port Security Act.

Remember, there are a dozens of real money poker sites offered online, no matter where you live, but not all of them are worth your business. Bookmark this page by pressing control d on your keyboard right now, and we'll keep checking out all of the new sites, for you, in fact, there's a little something more you need to know about playing online poker for real money, see below.

Real Money Poker Bonuses

If you're looking to make a deposit into your poker site account, then you