Single Table Sit and Go Strategy

by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 23, 2017  |  Updated on May 23, 2017

Top Ten Poker Sites provides basic and intermediate Sit and Go Strategy Articles to help our players improve their poker skills as poker players and their chances of winning real money at online poker sites.

It’s Top Ten poker sites’ aim to provide an introduction to the (single tabled) Sit and Goes with simple Sit and Go Basics, as well as brush over some of what goes on during multi-table sit and go tournaments, then introduce players to real money cash game poker sites, and of course multi-table tournaments.

Introduction to Sit and Go Poker Tournaments

In this section of our website, we break down the several types of sit n go style poker tournaments available online including;

  • Single Table Sit n Go’s
  • Satellite SNG Tournaments
  • Sit and GoStep Tournaments
  • 50/50 Style SNG Tournaments.

In addition to learning about the different styles of sit n go tournaments available across several online poker sites, our SNG section also features a few sit n go tips a long the way, including things such as what players should, and what they shouldn’t do when playing sit and go tournaments online and at land based casinos around the world.

To start off your debut in the Sit n Go arena, check out our article entitled Introduction to Single Table Sit and Go’s.In this article we’ll discuss the different types of single table sit and go tournaments including:

  • Regular SNG tournaments
  • SNG Step Tournaments
  • 50/50 SNG Tournaments
  • Zoom Tournaments
  • Rush Poker Tournaments

We’ll also cover Sit and Go Basics, the simple things that you should know before playing your first Sit and Go poker tournament. We’ll help you start your first poker bankroll, and even help you decide how much you should put in that roll, and where you’ll get the best poker bonus with your buyin.

We’ll talk about which tables you should start out at, and how much to play for. One last hot tip we’ll share with you is a poker site that doesn’t require any deposit at all, they’ll give you a free $8 poker bankroll just for singing up!

Sit and Go Strategy

The strategy we’ll start out with in our Single Table SNG strategy article is really basic ‘make the money’ strategy. That’s the goal we’re not going to teach you to win first place every time you play, we’re not go for the glory style poker players. We’re profiting poker players, and that’s what we’ll teach you to become, a winning poker player.

We’ll start out with the beginning of the tournament, and discuss how to handle the other players, when to loosen up, when to tighten up, and then when to really open up and play!

Lastly we’ll go over some costly mistakes that single table Sit and Go players commonly make, and ways that you can avoid them. Some of these things include over-valuing hands, and holding onto unpaired preflop monsters to long, or not betting them strongly enough in the first place. When to chase outs, and when not to, that’s a big one for new players, most think it’s never okay to chase, while in theory, sometimes you’re actually the favorite to win a hand when you’re still on a draw.

In other sections of our website we also cover other types of poker, such as:

  • Cash Game Poker
  • Multi-Table Tournament Poker

Our cash game articles will help you take your game to a whole other level, holding your own at cash poker tables both online and in casino’s. We’ll discuss ways to tell that you’re beat, and more importantly, ways to know when you’re not beat so that you can shove into a pot and heavily profit.

We’ll also talk about crazy poker things like hand movements that portray nervousness, or players that are trying to look invisible, so that you won’t call them. Things like posture, and body heat, and other tells you might not have already read about a thousand times that will actually make you money.

Then we’ll talk about your remembering the player you were when you began playing this game. Unbluffable, totally oblivious, you were probably an easy target, maybe you folded pocket kings, incase someone had pocket tens when that ten flopped, and were easy to steal pots from, or maybe you just flat out never folded an ace. We’ll remind you to remember that new players play that way, and that we love them for it.