WPT Launches Web3-based WPT Season Pass With Theta Labs

WPT Launches Web3-based WPT Season Pass With Theta Labs September 21, 2022 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Sep 21, 2022  |  Updated on Sep 21, 2022

World Poker Tour and ThetaDropSummary

  • WPT and Theta Labs launch WPT Season Pass
  • The WPT Season Pass offers you digital access to Season 18-19
  • WPT NFT holders can get the pass free of charge via airdrops

Premier poker brand World Poker Tour (WPT) and decentralized video delivery network Theta Labs have joined forces for the launch of the “WPT Season Pass“, the first Web3-based digital season pass for a TV program.

Theta Labs is the company behind the pioneering video and entertainment blockchain Theta Network and the decentralized live streaming platform THETA.tv. It recently launched the ThetaDrop NFT marketplace in partnership with popular brands and celebrities, including the WPT.

Get Exclusive Access to Season 18 and 19 via WPT Season Pass

The WPT Season Pass offers users an innovative way to get exclusive access to WPT content. It will grant holder’s access to WPT Season 18 and 19 under a 12-month license. It can be transferred or sold to other users, mainly thanks to Theta’s proprietary Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology.

The new technology allows content creators to have direct authority over their own content distribution. Creators only need to license their content represented by a non-fungible token (NFT) on Theta blockchain. Those who have acquired the NFT are then granted access to the content attached to that particular NFT.

Holders of the WPT Season Pass will enjoy live streaming access to the tour’s 19th season without commercial interruptions which makes for a great viewing experience. Season Pass holders will become the first to watch fresh episodes released every Sunday until February 2023. While enjoying the show, users may also interact with each other via live chat, made possible through the ThetaDrop Web3 Video Portal.

WPT Season Pass holders will also be granted exclusive access to WPT Season 18 videos that are not available elsewhere. The WPT Season Pass will be up for sale on ThetaDrop, but existing WPT NFT holders can have it for free via airdrops.

Bringing More Value to WPT Fans

WPT CEO Adam Pliska said they’re delighted to collaborate with Theta Labs on this latest venture which is aimed at bringing more value to WPT’s loyal fans around the world. This isn’t the first time that both companies have worked together as WPT also chose Theta as its exclusive streaming partner during Season 18.

Theta Labs CEO Mitch Liu touted the multiple successful collaborations they’ve had with the WPT in the past and said they’re thrilled to once again partner with the company and strengthen their relationship through the launch of the WPT Season Pass.

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