Roy Bhasin joinsTeam PokerStars

Roy Bhasin joinsTeam PokerStars March 30, 2012 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Mar 30, 2012  |  Updated on Mar 30, 2012

While Team PokerStars Online has quite a few players on it, there has up to this point never been a player from Australia, until now. Roy Bhasin, who hails from Sydney, was chosen over a few other Australians and was selected after a long list of potential new players was whittled down to just ten. In the final ten there were some of his fellow Australians such as Jay Kinkade, Tim English, and Jesse McKenzie. He thrives when playing Pot-Limit Omaha and that is exactly what caught PokerStars’ eyes.Back in 2010, Bhasin took home over $40,000 for placing second in the Pot Limit Omaha section of that year’s Spring Championship of Online Poker, or SCOOP. He has been seen playing live events in Australia but that is a rarity as he would rather earn his cash from online tables. Believe it or not, Bhasin got his online poker career up and running by means of being a big video gamer. One might not think that video games and online poker correlate, but after an intense video game session a few years ago he turned off his console and his TV was broadcasting a live poker event. He was captivated by the action he saw on TV and set out to learn more about the game and hopefully master it. While I would not say he is a master of online poker quite yet, he is slowly but surely working his way to that level. Bhasin is still a huge video game lover, but he now has more profitable priorities to attend to.This new addition to their pro squad only means that PokerStars has a revamped presence in the Oceana region, a part of the world many folks thought that they simply neglected.

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