Rob Yong Will Use Twitter Feedback To Design 2021 UK Poker Championships

Rob Yong Will Use Twitter Feedback To Design 2021 UK Poker Championships June 9, 2021 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Jun 9, 2021  |  Updated on Jun 9, 2021

Rob YongRob Yong who owns the popular Dusk Till Dawn casino in the UK did not rush to open up his casino when the UK government lifted the lockdown in May 2021.

The Dusk Till Dawn casino is very popular with poker players and Yong wanted to make sure that things were settled before he opened up his casino for poker tournaments.

Yong took to Twitter this week to give his followers an idea of what plans he has for the immediate future.

It looks like the casino owner is keen on hosting the UK Poker Championships (UKPC) in 2021. The last time the UKPC took place was back in 2018 and Yong wants to bring back a new and improvised version of the tour.

Rob Yong who has over 30 thousand followers on Twitter put out a post asking his followers for their input in putting together a potential 2021 UKPC. The draft plan for the proposed UKPC series is to conduct another mid-stakes tour all over the UK where the proposed buy-in will be around £500. The tour will finish with a grand finale at the Dusk Till Dawn casino and will have a buy-in of £1,000.

The 2018 UKPC took place over a 9 day period and was held in partnership with partypoker. The buy-ins for this tournament ranged from £220 opener and even included a high-stakes event which had a buy-in for £5,500.

Yong is very keen on putting together a bigger and better UKPC in 2021 and is open on working with partypoker again or any other new poker operator in the UK.

Followers Share Feedback

Yong did receive a good response to his post as some of his followers have asked him to bring the UKPC to popular poker hotspots which include Brighton, Newcastle, Sheffield and Blackpool. One user said the £500 buy-in could be a bit high for some players given the COVID-19 situation and suggested lowing the amount to around £330.

The user also said that the winner of each Main Event should also be given an automatic entry into the UKPC grand finale Main Event. Yong said he was open to all of the feedback and will work with Simone Trumper, live poker director at Dusk To Dawn casino to analyse the feedback and then customize the 2021 UKPC.

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