Poker Players Finding Refuge in Canada

Poker Players Finding Refuge in Canada December 24, 2012 Mario Alfonsi
Mario Alfonsi by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Dec 24, 2012  |  Updated on Dec 24, 2012

With online poker being harder and harder to come by for people in the US, many players are turning to other alternatives as a way of finding a table to play at online. For many, this alternative comes in the form of Canada, where a large quantity of people are relocating in order to play without fear of persecution or losing their hard-earned money.Most of the people that are relocating are not casual players, but rather grinders who make a living by playing poker online. Poker Refugees is a site that, for about $1,200, will help a player move from the US find a place to live in Canada where they can play poker without having to worry about it being illegal.This is a very enticing proposition for players who live and die by the online felt tables and need them in order to make a living. It is not just poker pros who are moving to Canada either, guys who have only a few dollars to their name are moving up North in hopes of once again securing an income by playing online poker legally. It does not seem like poker will be legalized in the US anytime soon so we can expect players to move up to Canada in even larger numbers.This tactic is especially helpful and easy to do because Americans can easily move in and out of Canada without much paperwork or trouble.

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