Playtech Success & iPoker Struggles

Playtech Success & iPoker Struggles May 3, 2012 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 3, 2012  |  Updated on May 3, 2012

Online poker and casino software developer Playtech has had lots of good news to share as of late. The Israeli company has seen massive revenue increases in almost every one of their ventures ranging from online bingo to casino sites. But their entry into the world of online poker – the iPoker Network – is the exception to this rule, as it continues to struggle.In the first quarter of 2012, the iPoker Network made €5.3 million for Playtech. This was actually down somewhat from the first quarter of 2011, when it made €5.7 million. It was also down slightly from 2011’s fourth quarter, showing a trend of slow decline.The poker figures are a rare blight on the otherwise rosy picture painted by Playtech’s financial data. Playtech saw a massive 104% growth overall year-over-year, with segments such as casino software, bingo, and William Hill Online all performing impressively.The contrast between poker and the rest of the company was enough for their chief executive to comment on it when discussing the first quarter revenues of the company.“Playtech has made an excellent start to 2012,” said Playtech CEO Mor Weizer. “Year-on-year growth across all our products has been strong, with the exception of poker.”Data from PokerScout seems to show a similar drop in player traffic that’s consistent with Playtech’s revenue figures. The site reports that the iPoker Network’s traffic is down 4% over this time last year. Still, that’s far from saying that iPoker is struggling in terms of overall numbers, as the site consistently ranks among the top three online poker sites or networks in the world, often trading places with Party Poker as the two jockey for second place behind PokerStars.The iPoker Network includes more than 30 different online poker rooms. Popular rooms on the network include William Hill Poker and Celeb Poker.

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